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VIC-20 Listings is an archive of type-in games, utilities and other programs for the Commodore VIC-20 home computer, that were published in various books and magazines during the 1980s. These programs are often overlooked or missing from other collections of retro computer software. There are currently 2,836 programs in the collection.

The aim is to make each program available for download together with details of who wrote it, where the listing was published, any special requirements, and brief instructions. Each program is kept as close to the original listing as possible. Obvious syntax errors have been fixed and occasionally some guesswork is involved in reconstructing missing or unreadable symbols, but other features like spelling mistakes and misaligned text are often left exactly as they were in the original listing.

Latest news

Explosive Spiele für Ihren VC20
Added 15 new programs: Galaktische Monster, Zombies im Sumpf, Tastenfeld Memory, Las Vegas a GoGo, Papagei, Kentucky Derby, Regenbogenquadrat, Qui Vive, K.Z.G., Eins zu Fuenf, Escher, Genie am Werk, Haifischjagd, Shakespeare Shuffle, Explosion.
Volcanic Games For Your VIC 20
Fixed typing mistakes in 3 programs: Las Vegas a Go Go, Shark Hunt, Stop It.
Also updated the D64 file for this book.
Fun Mathematics On Your Microcomputer
Added 17 new programs: Customer Arrivals 1, Customer Arrivals 2, Customer Arrivals 3, Bank Queues, Queue Analysis, Boutiqueues, Surfaces, Contours, Falling Stone, Bouncing Ball, Flight, Flight With Fuel, Orbit, Exponential Bacteria, Growth, Rabbits and Foxes, Virus.
All programs from this book can now be downloaded as one D64 file.
Fun Mathematics On Your Microcomputer
Added 16 new programs: Arithmetic Sequences, Geometric Sequences, Harmonic Series, Calculating SIN(X), Sequences and Series, Intelligence Test, Graph Plotting, Polar Graphics, Treasure Hunt, Matrix Investigation, Two-Person Zero-Sum Game, Investment Game, Approximate Game Analysis, Four Squares, Sixteen Squares, Twenty-Five Squares.
Personal Computing Today magazine
Added 8 new programs: Listing Pause (83-01), VIC Directory (83-01), VIC Tips (83-07), VIC Letter Writer (83-07), Computer Blackboard (83-10), Beastie Bombardment (83-10), Sheepdog Trials (84-01), Clear Screen (84-01).
Also updated the D64 file for this magazine.

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