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VIC-20 Listings is an archive of type-in games, utilities and other programs for the Commodore VIC-20 home computer, that were published in various books and magazines during the 1980s. These programs are often overlooked or missing from other collections of retro computer software. There are currently 4,415 programs in the collection.

The aim is to make each program available for download together with details of who wrote it, where the listing was published, any special requirements, and brief instructions. Each program is kept as close to the original listing as possible. Obvious syntax errors have been fixed and occasionally some guesswork is involved in reconstructing missing or unreadable symbols. Other features like spelling mistakes and misaligned text are often left exactly as they were in the original listing.

Latest news

VIC magazine
Added 21 new programs: Hi Res (84-06), Datafile V3.0 (84-06), Othello (84-06), Mastermind (84-06), Fruit Machine (84-06), Fur Elise (84-06), Big Letters (84-06), Using the User Port (84-06), Starmath (84-06), Counting (84-06), V Address File (84-08), Mini Met (84-08), Hi-Res Artillery (84-08), Asteroid Run (84-08), Piano (84-08), Piano Ed (84-08), 1520 Chip (84-08), Interfacing a DR110 & ARP Odyssey (84-08), Disk Utilities (84-08), Anagram (84-08), Cities (84-08).
POPCOM magazine
Added 13 new programs: Move the Screen at High Speed (83-05), Monaco GP (83-05), Tiny Expander (83-05), Move the Screen at High Speed Part 2: Left and Right Scroll (83-06), Arithmetic Classroom (83-06), Pilem (83-06), UFO Attacker (83-07), Sound Routine (83-08), Star Trip (83-08), Broken Brick (83-09), Alien Crash (83-10), The Space Death's Head (84-01), Sysarf (84-02).
All programs from this magazine can now be downloaded as one D64 file.
VIC magazine
Added 19 new programs: Function Key (84-02), VIC Ringer (84-02), Space Wars (84-02), Outpost (84-02), Bumblebee (84-02), Birds Demo (84-02), Disk Commands (84-02), Long Division (84-02), Dec/Bin (84-04), Search & Load (84-04), Dragon Maze (84-04), Exocet (84-04), Prelude in C (84-04), Frere Jacques (84-04), VIC-Poly-Turtl (84-04), VIC Clock (84-04), Word Game (84-04), Lettersquares (84-04), Cat (84-04).
ASCII magazine
Added 1 new programs: Bowling Game (82-03).
Compute mit magazine
Added 6 new programs: Graphologie (84-44), Super-Rallye (84-44), Cave-Lander (84-23), Buero-Tisch (84-23), Irrgarten-3D (84-23), Karl der Kaefer (84-23) - Submitted by Tokra.
Also updated the D64 files for this magazine.
LOGiN magazine
Added 1 new programs: Powered Suit War (82-05).
Micom BASIC magazine
Added 9 new programs: Undersea Boy Marine (82-11), Ice World (84-01), Kill Dr. D (84-02), Playing Cards 51 (84-03), Super Alien (84-04), Black Ocean (84-05), 3D-Bomber X (84-06), PANP-kun (84-07), Fall II (84-08).
Also updated the D64 files for this magazine.
Various Japanese magazine updates
Added the original Japanese program titles & author names and updated their English translations for I/O, Micom BASIC, PiO & Technopolis magazines.

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