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Computer Games to Play and Write (GB)
Dan Isaaman
Sparrow Books, 1983

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Christmas Time

Pages 17-20.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Christmas Time.prg
Memory game. It is Christmas Eve and Santa must deliver the presents to ten houses. For each parcel, you are told the family's surname but not their house number. You can find out who lives in each house by entering their chimney, and if it is the wrong house then you will be told how far away the correct house is. Can you memorize this information and deliver the presents before dawn?
Type the house number (1-10) where you want to deliver each present.
Red Alert!

Pages 21-23.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Red Alert.prg
An alarm has been set off, and you must discover the two-digit code to disable the alarm and avert disaster. Each part of the code is number between -10 and +10. Enter each code on a rotary dial starting from position 0. On each go, enter how many positions you want to turn the dial. You will hear a louder click if you turn past the correct number.
Type how far to turn the dial on each move. Negative numbers turn left, positive numbers turn right.
Spy Codes

Pages 24-29.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Spy Codes.prg
You are the centre of a spy ring and must send coded messages to an agent. Type a word to code it, and the computer will display the coded word. Retype the coded word to transmit it. Repeat this process for every word of your message, then type "*" to find out if you sent the coded information without making any mistakes.
Type the word that you want to code, then retype the coded version. Type "*" to finish.
Ring-a-Ring O'Robot

Pages 30-32.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Ring-a-Ring O Robot.prg
Android have stolen the time key that you need to return home. The surround you in a circle and tease you by passing it among themselves. You must get the key (*) by touching the android currently holding it.
Press the letter (A-L) of the android that is currently holding the key.

Pages 33-36.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Nim.prg
Nim played against the computer. The computer sets up several piles of matches, each containing a random number of matches. You and the computer take it in turns to remove any number of matches from one pile. The winner is the player who removes the last pile from the table.
For each move, type a pile followed by how many matches you want to remove.
From the Depths of Time

Pages 37-40.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded From the Depths of Time.prg
Your time travel machine is being attacked by dinosaurs. Select which weapon each astronaut will use to fight off their attacks. Can you survive?
Select weapon (1-4).
Galaxy Hitch-hike

Pages 41-43.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Galaxy Hitch-hike.prg
You have been abandoned in a far corner of the galaxy, and you must return to Earth in time to join the revolution against the Galactic High Command. Can you hitch lifts to return to Earth in time?
Follow on-screen prompts.
Planet Lander

Pages 44-48.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Planet Lander.prg
You must land your spaceship on the planet's surface, but you only have a limited amount of fuel. Can you control your engines to land safely?
Type how much fuel you want to burn on each round.

Pages 49-52.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Animal.prg
Think of an animal, and the computer will ask questions to work out what kind of animal it is. You can teach the program to ask more questions about different animals.
Follow on-screen prompts.
Silo Raid

Pages 53-57.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Silo Raid.prg
Battleships-style game. Six enemy silos are hidden underwater on an 8*8 grid. You are armed with twelve depth charges and a faulty sonar. Can you destroy all the silos?
Type the X and Y coordinates for each shot.
Haunted House

Pages 58-61.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Haunted House.prg
You must banish the ghosts from each of then ten rooms in Shodthorn Manor. When you enter each room, you only have seconds to count how many pairs of ghostly eyes are watching you.
Type how many pairs of eyes are shown on each screen (1-9).

Pages 62-65.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Escape.prg
You must escape from a high-security prison camp by digging a tunnel from your cell (#). You must decide which direction to dig and how far. If the tunnel is too long then you will collapse, and if it is too short then you will come up inside the prison. You may face additional problems if you get out...
Enter the direction (N,S,W,E) and length of your tunnel, and follow on-screen prompts.
Space Dogfight

Pages 66-69.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Space Dogfight.prg
You are dogfighting an enemy fighter above a deserted moon. Can you shoot him before he shoots you?
Follow on-screen prompts, and press F to fire.
Death Raid

Pages 70-74.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Death Raid.prg
Your scanner covers a 7*7 grid. Fleeing enemy ships (S) briefly appear as they drop out of hyperspace to refuel. You must shoot them by typing in their grid coordinates before they escape.
Type the XY coordinates for each shot (two digits e.g. "12", you don't need to press Return).
Cowboys and Indians

Pages 80-84.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Cowboys and Indians.prg
Boot Hill-style game. Defend the village from the Indians, by shooting them when they emerge from behind the cacti.
A (up), Z (down), Return (fire).

Pages 96-104.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Sabotage.prg
There is a bomb on a spaceship, hidden in one of eight possible locations. You only have enough time to check three locations, try to find the bomb and defuse it before it explodes.
Type the section where the bomb might be located (1-8). If you locate the bomb, type your guess for the code to defuse it (1-100).
Using Sound

Pages 109-110.
Dan Isaaman Unexpanded Using Sound.prg
Short routine that plays an explosion-style sound effect.

With thanks to DLH's Commodore Archive for making this book available in PDF format.

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