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VIC-20 Listings is an archive of type-in games, utilities and other programs for the Commodore VIC-20 home computer, that were published in various books and magazines during the 1980s. These programs are often overlooked or missing from other collections of retro computer software. There are currently 1,398 programs in the collection.

The aim is to make each program available for download together with details of who wrote it, where the listing was published, any special requirements, and brief instructions. Each program is kept as close to the original listing as possible. Obvious syntax errors have been fixed and occasionally some guesswork is involved in reconstructing missing or unreadable symbols, but other features like spelling mistakes and misaligned text are often left exactly as they were in the original listing.

Latest news

Home Computing Weekly magazine
Added 22 new programs: 3D Shapes (84-01-17), Galaxy (84-05-22), Pilot 20 (84-05-22), VIC-20 ROM Error (84-05-22), Draw Masterpieces The Easy Way (84-05-29), Scramble (84-06-05), Defender (84-06-05), Spider Trap (84-06-12), Wild West Gunfight (84-06-19), Race Car (84-07-03), Quasimodo (84-07-10), Greenham Common (84-07-31), Screen Extended (84-08-14), Draw With Your VIC (84-09-04), Find pi (84-09-04), Wall Street (84-09-18), Screen Scene (84-09-18), Escape From Orion (84-10-02), VIC Piano Keys (84-10-30), The Walls (84-10-30), Diver (84-10-30), Martian Attack (84-10-30).
The Rainbow Book of BASIC Programs
Added 18 new programs: Conversion, Average Speed, Fly Ball, Hot & Cold Temperatures, Tumbledice, Fast Brakes, Pay As You Go, Moon, Pinball, Canute, Lastword, Code, Wordgrid, Anagram, Wordking, Jotto, Squares, Letters.
The Rainbow Book of BASIC Programs
Added 20 new programs: Pyramid Race, Dungeon, Sum Trouble, Primes, Madam I'm Adam, Steps and Leaps, Crossnumber 1, Crossnumber 2, Midsummer's Eve, Codemaker, High-Low, Magic Squares, Mindread, Air Rescue, Swap, Anyday, The Dishonest Governor, Mastermind, Pickup Sticks, Star Course.
Compute!'s Vic-20 Collection
Added 12 new programs: Space Mission, Dungeon Escape, Place Your Bet, Boogieball, Light Cycles, Rescue Mission, Scavenger Hunt, Hide-N-Seek, Chopper Lift, Spring Man, Trench Wars, The Automatic Proofreader.
The Rainbow Book of BASIC Programs
Added 11 new programs: Subroutines, Bomber, Stupid Fish, Swiss Navy, Hit or Miss, Fruit Machine, Zigzag Golf, Roadrace, Squash, Xmas, Zombies.

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