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VIC-20 Listings is an archive of type-in games, utilities and other programs for the Commodore VIC-20 home computer, that were published in various books and magazines during the 1980s. These programs are often overlooked or missing from other collections of retro computer software. There are currently 1,871 programs in the collection.

The aim is to make each program available for download together with details of who wrote it, where the listing was published, any special requirements, and brief instructions. Each program is kept as close to the original listing as possible. Obvious syntax errors have been fixed and occasionally some guesswork is involved in reconstructing missing or unreadable symbols, but other features like spelling mistakes and misaligned text are often left exactly as they were in the original listing.

Latest news

Adventure game solutions
Added solutions/walkthroughs for 3 text adventure games: Haunted House (Write Your Own Adventure Programs), Nemesis (VicTape Computing, issues 9 & 10), Rendezvous (Computer Spy Games).
Updated 1 solution: Haunted Manor (VicTape Computing, issue 8) - added more detail, and fixed a mistake near the end.
Computer Spy Games
Added 7 new programs: Spy Eyes, Searchlight, Robospy, Spy Q Test, Secret Message Maker, Rendezvous, Morse Coder.
All programs from this book can now be downloaded as one D64 file.
VicTape Computing magazine
Added all 14 programs from issue 9: Introduction 9, Tin Fish, The Sacred Crosses of Hell, Swarm, Machine Code 3, The Derby, Return Call 7, Input/Output, Red Balloons, Signal Box, End, The Pools Collector, Hi-Draw, Nemesis Pt1.
Updated 1 program: Haunted Manor issue 8 (bug fix, the ending was not shown upon completing the game). Also updated the T64 file for issue 8, side 2.
Write Your Own Adventure Programs
Added 1 new program: Haunted House.
Adventure game solutions
Added solutions/walkthroughs for 10 text adventure games: Adventure (UK)/Arkenstone (US) (Zap! Pow! Boom! Arcade Games for the VIC 20), Dangerous Pyramid (64'er Magazin, SI86-08), Easter Time (Home Computing Weekly, 85-04-02), Fragezeichen/Question Mark (Compute Mit, 87-10), Halloween (Home Computing Weekly, 83-09-27), Haunted Manor (VicTape Computing, issue 8), I.T. - The Adventure of the Century (Volcanic Games For Your VIC 20), The Crypt (VicTape Computing, issue 7), The Phantom of Priory Court (Commodore User, 85-10), Time Capsule (Compute!'s Second Book of VIC Games).
Commodore User magazine
Updated 1 program: The Phantom of Priory Court 85-10 (modified text layout for VIC-20 screen).
VicTape Computing magazine
Added all 12 programs from issue 7: Introduction 7, Hangman, Headscratchers Club 6, Guess the Animal, Machine Code 1, Pontoon, Toolbox 6, Return Call 5, Preview, Basic Dictionary 1, Slalom, The Crypt.
Volcanic Games For Your VIC 20
Updated 1 program: I.T. - The Adventure of the Century (fixed typing errors). Also updated the D64 file for this book.
Compute Mit magazine
Added 19 new programs: Traffic Memory (87-05), Shooter (87-05), Mountain Jack (87-06), REM Zeileninvertierer (87-06), Bomb Scare (87-07), Elxanor 7 (87-07), ZS-Gen (87-08), Batman (87-08), Tauziehen (87-09), Handwerker (87-09), Fragezeichen (87-10), Wormy (87-11), Alien Attack (87-12), Super Senso (87-12), Kupka-Kola (88-01), Pac (88-01), Fred the Snake (88-02), Pixel-Graphic (88-03), Pooyan (88-03) - Submitted by Tokra.
All programs from this magazine can now be downloaded as four D64 files.
VicTape Computing magazine
Added all 11 programs from issue 6: Introduction 6-1, Headscratchers Club 5, Hop-Line, The Zero Board, Toolbox 5, Indi-500, Crossed, Return Call 4, Introduction 6-2, Quick-Draw, Data-Comms
Compute Mit magazine
Added 17 new programs: Treasure Robber (86-10), Scrumble (86-10), Laufschrift (86-10), Cooky! (86-11), Gambol (86-11), Wostok (86-11), Ballon Hopper (86-12), Fight Night (86-12), Torch (87-01), Bomberman (87-01), Quest For Tires (87-02), Cave Fighter (87-02), Action Ball (87-03), Star Attack (87-03), Moth (87-04), Jeeper's (87-04), Monitor (87-04) - Submitted by Tokra.
VIC Graphics
Added 18 new programs: Graph, 3D Graph, Interpolate, Hi-Res Cursor, Character Building, Big Character, Scale 1, Scale 2, Stretch 1, Stretch 2, Rotate, Rotate 2, Rotate 3, Move, Three Dimensional Shape 1, Three Dimensional Shape 2, Three Dimensional Shape 3, Three Dimensional Shape 4.
All programs from this book can now be downloaded as one D64 file.

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