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Hebdogiciel magazine
Added 20 new programs: Conjugaisons (83-10-07), Golf (83-10-21), Flechego (83-10-28), Eponges (83-11-04), Sous-Marin (83-11-11), Auto-Cross (83-11-18), Perds pas la bille (83-11-25), Dix Petit Humains (83-12-02), Tir Aux Pigeons (83-12-09), Geofrance (83-12-16), Taquin (83-12-23), Mini-Pac (83-12-30), Mission Suicide (84-01-06), Sauvetage (84-01-13), Mission (84-01-20), Poursuite Infernale (84-01-27), Papy Fait de la Resistance (84-02-03), Base de l'Espace (84-02-10), Spider (84-02-17), Fantomergie (84-02-24).
Adventure game solutions
Added solutions/walkthroughs for 1 text adventure games: Dungeon Maze (Giant Book Of Games For Your VIC 20).
Giant Book Of Games For Your VIC 20
Added 24 new programs: Space Shootout, Pick a Pair, Pirate Treasure, Reflex Typer, Number Catch, Zoo Keeper, Multi Pack 21, Dog Catcher, Monster Caves, Trapper, Conman, Jason, Dungeon Maze, Cowboy, Battleships, Follow Me, Guess, Typing Tutor, Laserball & Tunnelball, Traffic Light, Farmer Jack, Ropes and Manholes, Brickout, Snap.
Giant Book Of Games For Your VIC 20
Added 24 new programs: Super Bingo, Ordeal, Gridiron, Masterword, Catch a Star, Asteroid Belt, Match Wits, One-Armed Bandit, Space Patrol, Nine-Hole Golf, Treasure Trove, User-Defined Graphics, VIC Skiing, Lander Pilot, Donkey King, Their Finest Hour, Farmer Jack II, Galactic Tic-Tac-Toe, Screen Dump, Day of the Week, Flight Mosaic, Piano VIC, Tape Pictures, Big Letters.
All programs from this book can now be downloaded as one D64 file.
40 Educational Games for the VIC 20
Added 20 new programs: Counties, Village, Multiplication and Division, Addition and Subtraction, Sum Difference, Bar Chart, Masterbrain, English/French, Fizz/Buzz, Highway Code, Guess the Number, Word Mix, Constellations, History Quiz, Spelling Test, Speed Reading, Area Estimation, Number Series, Morse Code, Areas.
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