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Your Computer magazine
Added 7 new programs: Toads (84-12), Graveyard-20 (84-12), New Commands (84-12), Death Trap (85-01), Zip Load (85-01), Sprinter (85-01), MC Mover (85-01).
Commodore User magazine
Added 12 new programs: Spymaster (84-11), Named Subroutine Calls (84-11), Two Routines for the Vic (84-11), Horse Races (84-12), Your Own Characters (84-12), Sparkle (85-01), Robot Bricky (85-01), Hoppa (85-01), Beeglebug (85-01), Dracula (85-01), Sucker (85-01), Hi-Lo Poker (85-02).
Commodore User magazine
Added 15 new programs: Graf-Vics (85-03), 2-D Spirals (85-03), Data Statement Generator (85-03), Micro-Wave Radio Pt2 (85-04), Make a Date (85-04), Freeway Dodger (85-04), Minefield (85-05), Micro-Wave Radio Pt4 (85-06), Hissing Sid (85-07), Spy Eyes (85-08), Surprise Poem (85-08), Dam Defender (85-09), The Phantom of Priory Court (85-10), Secret Service Pt1 (86-01), Secret Service Pt2 (86-02).
Compute!'s Third Book of Vic
Added 10 new programs: Demon Star, Galactic Code, SpeedSki, Pudding Mountain Miner, Junk Blaster, Budget Planner, Perpetual Calendar, Mailing List, VicCal: Super Calculator, SpeedScript.
Compute!'s Third Book of Vic
Added 11 new programs: Custom Characters on the Expanded Vic, Programming Multicolor Characters, Print and Peek, Spiralizer, Art Museum, Graph Plotter, Musical Scales, Major and Minor: Vic Music Theory, Vic Musician, Chord Organ, Music Writer.
Compute!'s First Book of Vic
Added 9 new programs: Large Alphabet, Using a Joystick, Extended Input Devices, Game Paddles, The Joystick Connection: Meteor Maze, Zap!!, Starfight3, Alphabetizer, Count the Hearts.
Compute!'s Third Book of Vic
Added 8 new programs: Quickfind, Ultrasort, Disk Menu, Unnew, Tiny Aid, Hexmon, Automatic Proofreader, Machine Language Editor MLX.
Added an Index page that lists all the programs in the archive. This can be used with your web browser's 'Search within a webpage' function (typically Ctrl+F) to help you find a particular program or author.
Compute!'s First Book of Vic
Added 16 new programs: PRINTing With Style, User Input, Amortize, Append, Printing the Screen, Alternate Screens, Timekeeping, Renumber BASIC Lines The Easy Way, Automatic Line Numbers, Kaleidoscope And Variations, High Resolution Plotting, VIC Color Tips, The Window, Custom Characters for the VIC, VIC Memory, Tinymon1.
Compute!'s Second Book of Vic
Added 24 new programs: File Clerk, Editype, UXB, A Day at the Races, Catch, Financial Advisor, Banner, Kaleidoscope, Understanding High-Resolution Graphics, Pixelator, Custom Characters for Game Graphics, Harmony, Sound Generator, Making Sound with Blips, Programming Function Keys, The Expanded/Unexpanded Vic, Versatile Data Acquisition, Pause, Bidirectional Scrolling, VICword, Automatic BASIC, The VIC Keyboard Redefined, Block Save and Load, Electric Eraser.
Compute!'s Second Book of Vic
Added 8 new programs: VIC Sticks, Joystick and Keyboard Routine, Using Atari Joysticks With Your VIC, Fighter Aces, Hexedit, Tracing Disassembler, Customized BASIC Assembler, Gumball.
Vic Computing magazine
Added 18 new programs: Polyphonic1 (82-04), Electronic Disco (82-04), One-Armed Bandit (82-04), Task Interrupt (82-04), Chaser (82-04), Life (82-04), Tinymon1 (82-04), Character Editor (82-04), A Matter of Routines (82-04), An Introduction to PEEKs (82-06), Clock (82-06), A Matter of Routines (82-06), Invasion (82-06), Memory Snapshot (82-06), Portfolio (82-06), Russian Roulette (82-06), Multiply (82-06), Split the Cards (82-06).
Updated 1 program: Vic Rhino (82-02), added the corrections from issue 82-08.
Compute!'s Vic-20 Collection
Added 19 new programs: Page Flip, Programmable Characters, Mixing Text and Graphics Characters, Screen Scroll, Tape Search, Move X, Speed Sticks, Arcade-Style Subroutines, Screen Saves, Tape to Disk, Super Dump, Hold a Mirror, Compressed List, Multiprocessing, Screen Print II and Big Screen Print, Tape Catalog, Microassembler, Special Characters in the Expanded VIC, Faster BASIC.
Vic Computing magazine
Added 13 new programs: Hypnotic (81-12), Polka (81-12), Lines (81-12), Alternate Screens (81-12), Anyone Can Program Pt2 (81-12), RS232 Interface (82-08), A matter of routines (82-08), Move-a-Shape (82-08), Komputer Kaleidoscope (82-08), Simetrishape (82-08), Bars & Boxes (82-10), Birdy (82-10), White Hole (82-10).
Compute!'s Vic-20 Collection
Added 13 new programs: Paddle Graphics, VIC Graph, Sprite-Imitation, VIC Draw McGraw, Music Mate, Piano Player, Bitmapping Pixel, Graph, Rainbow Border, Music Maker, Write-On, VIC Marquee, Message Board.
Home Computing Weekly magazine
Added 20 new programs: Better Graphics (83-03-08), Asteroid Field (83-03-22), Letter Recognition & Spelling (83-04-12), Anagrams (83-04-12), Tiny-Graph (83-05-03), Make a Beep (83-05-24), Algebra Made Easy (83-05-24), Stop Your Stop Key (83-06-21), Character Editor (83-07-12), Your Lines Renumbered (83-07-19), Floating Points (83-08-02), Animation (83-08-02), Screen Invert (83-08-09), Tape Catalogue (83-08-09), Artist (83-09-13), Double Your Height (83-09-20), Enhanced Basic (83-09-20), Save Selectively (83-09-27), Mini Word Pro & Cassette Inserts (83-09-27), Square Puzzle (83-10-18).
Updated 1 program: Halloween 83-09-27 (Halloween3.prg now includes the corrections from issue 83-11-15).
Compute!'s Vic-20 Collection
Added 10 new programs: Strike Three, Speed Demon, Lap Racer, Slot Machine, Code Game, Logicolor, Maneuver, Battleship, Flipper, Poker Challenge.
Home Computing Weekly magazine
Added 18 new programs: Snake (83-11-08), Music Aid (83-11-08), Voyager (83-11-15), Dam Raid (83-11-22), Star Trek (83-11-29), Spiders Web (83-12-06), Plate Spinner (83-12-06), Turtle Graphics (83-12-13), Floating Four (83-12-20), Deflexor (84-01-03), Music Record Library (84-01-24), Bomber (84-01-31), Valentine Capers (84-02-07), Bubble Sort Demo (84-02-14), Quasimodo (84-02-14), Great Britain and Eire (84-02-14), Crazy Craneman (84-02-28), Rhino (84-02-28).
Compute!'s Vic-20 Collection
Added 17 new programs: Heist, Diamond Maze, Meltdown, Rats, Space Corridor, Base Defense, Bomber Squadron, Ex-Blast, Meteors, Hyper Ballshot, Laser Command, Space Blockade, Torpedo-8, Sevicog, Pilot, Laser War, Challenger One.
Home Computing Weekly magazine
Added 13 new programs: Craps (84-03-13), Bugs (84-03-20), Sound Effects (84-03-20), Death Duel (84-03-27), Program Security (84-03-27), Investment (84-03-27), Day Finder (84-03-27), Subhunt (84-04-03), Catch 'Em (84-04-03), Muncher (84-04-10), Mean Dave (84-04-10), Fruit Machine (84-04-10), Frog Runner (84-05-15).
Compute!'s Vic-20 Collection
Added 12 new programs: Space Mission, Dungeon Escape, Place Your Bet, Boogieball, Light Cycles, Rescue Mission, Scavenger Hunt, Hide-N-Seek, Chopper Lift, Spring Man, Trench Wars, The Automatic Proofreader.
The Rainbow Book of BASIC Programs
Added 11 new programs: Subroutines, Bomber, Stupid Fish, Swiss Navy, Hit or Miss, Fruit Machine, Zigzag Golf, Roadrace, Squash, Xmas, Zombies.
We have added 284 new programs this year, and ended the year with 1,338 programs in the collection.
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