VIC-20 Listings

64'er Magazin (DE)
57 programs

Australian Personal Computer (AU)
34 programs

Big K (GB)
12 programs

Bits & Bytes (NZ)
23 programs

Commander (US)
30 programs

Commodore Answers (GB)
1 programs

Commodore Computing in SA (ZA)
3 programs

Commodore Computing International (GB)
93 programs

Commodore Horizons (GB)
59 programs

Commodore Magazine (AU)
33 programs

Commodore Magazine (FR)
9 programs

Commodore Microcomputers (US)
34 programs

Commodore Power/Play (US)
91 programs

Commodore újság (HU)
5 programs

Commodore User (GB)
103 programs

Compute mit (DE)
114 programs

Computer & Video Games (GB)
55 programs

Computer Choice (GB)
3 programs

Computer Gamer (GB)
13 programs

Computer Games (IT)
12 programs

Computer Kontakt (DE)
28 programs

Computronic (DE)
50 programs

31 programs

Cursor (US)
1 programs

Electronic Fun With Computers and Games (US)
3 programs

Games Computing (GB)
27 programs

Happy Computer (DE)
24 programs

Hebdogiciel (FR)
20 programs

Home and Educational Computing! (US)
6 programs

Home Computing Weekly (GB)
116 programs

Homecomputer (DE)
48 programs

K-Power (US)
15 programs

L'Ordinateur Individuel (FR)
15 programs

Nugget$ (US)
17 programs

Papersoft (IT)
162 programs

Personal Computer Games (GB)
4 programs

Personal Computer News (GB)
32 programs

Personal Computing Today (GB)
36 programs

Personal Software (GB)
11 programs

Pixel (GR)
9 programs

Popular Computing Weekly (GB)
251 programs

Soft Special (DK)
17 programs

Strictly Commodore (US)
12 programs

Tilt (FR)
7 programs

18 programs

Vic Computing (GB)
97 programs

VicTape Computing (GB)
138 programs

Your 64 (GB)
2 programs

Your Commodore (GB)
27 programs

Your Computer (AU)
10 programs

Your Computer (GB)
137 programs
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