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Computer Gamer was a British multi-format magazine published monthly by Argus Specialist Publications. It was a redesigned and relaunched version of Games Computing magazine, and was predominantly games-oriented with a small amount of technical content covering programming etc. A total of 27 issues were produced, from April 1985 until June 1987. The editors were Tony Hetherington (issues 1-18) and Eric Doyle (issues 19-27).

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Into Games Pt1

Issue 1 (Apr 1985),
Pages 30-32.
Rory Newman Unexpanded into games pt1.t64
Programming tutorial.
Move Ball: Move a ball on the screen (N=left, M=right).
Read Keys: Display the keypress values from PEEK(197).
Input: Demonstrates the INPUT command by asking your name.
Quiz: A short quiz that asks three questions.
Into Games Pt2

Issue 2 (May 1985),
Pages 22-24.
Rory Newman Unexpanded into games pt2.t64
Programming tutorial, comprising three simple games that demonstrate how to use random numbers.
Guess the Number: Guess a random number from 1-100.
Trash Dodge: Shoot the trash by counting the number of asterisks on the screen, and pressing the required number (1-9).
Race Track: Vertically-scrolling car race, do not hit the sides of the track (Z=left, M=right).

Issue 2 (May 1985),
Pages 66-67.
Gareth Davies Unexpanded escape.prg
Nintendo Fire game. Save the hostages as they leap from the building by bouncing them to safety on the opposite side of the screen.

Z (left), M (right).

Issue 2 (May 1985),
Pages 77-80.
J Hillman 16K expansion rescue 16k.prg
Text adventure. Your mission is to rescue a kidnapped prisoner from a large house. You cannot leave through the entrance, so you must find an alternative way out.

Use the following commands: n, s, w, e, inv, carry, get, drop, pull, press, unlock, light, kill, empty, quit.
Into Games Pt3

Issue 3 (Jun 1985),
Pages 66-68.
Rory Newman Unexpanded into games pt3.t64
Programming tutorial.
Poke Screen: Demonstrates the POKE command. Enter a location (7680-8185) and value (0-255), and it will POKE that character onto the screen.
Draw Pictures: Simple art program, draw lo-res pictures (A=up, Z=down, N=left, M=right).
Asteroid Dodge: Vertically-scrolling space game, dodge the asteroids (Z=left, M=right). A similar game Alien Dodge, with hi-res graphics, was published in Into Games Pt5 (85-08).
Red Alert

Issue 3 (Jun 1985),
Pages 74-76.
Steve Lucas 16K expansion red alert 16k.prg
Text adventure. You are on a trading mission when your spaceship is attacked, forcing you to land on a strange planet. You must repair your ship and fly to safety.

Commands include: n, s, w, e, up, down, in, out, inv, get, drop, examine, kill, tie, throw, climb, wear, repair, fill, use.
Into Games Pt4

Issue 4 (Jul 1985),
Pages 66-70.
Rory Newman Unexpanded into games pt4.t64
Programming tutorial, showing how to use hi-res graphics.
Gfx Designer: Character designer, with a 16*16 grid (Crsr=move, F1=plot, F2=unplot, F2=draw, F4=undraw, F8=see data).
UDG Man: Redefines the character set to replaces the '@' symbol with a hi-res man.
Into Games Pt5

Issue 5 (Aug 1985),
Pages 52-54.
Rory Newman Unexpanded alien dodge.prg
Vertically-scrolling space game. Collect the dockers and fuel dumps, and avoid the short-armed aliens. This game is similar to Asteroid Dodge (85-06) but with hi-res graphics. Note: The game wasn't given a title in the magazine, so we have named it 'Alien Dodge' as a variant of 'Asteroid Dodge'.

Z (left), / (right).
Into Games Pt6

Issue 6 (Sep 1985),
Pages 52-54.
Rory Newman Unexpanded into games pt6.t64
Programming tutorial, showing how to use sounds.
Scales: Plays the scale of each voice.
Rev Engine: Simulates a revving engine. Press any key to rev, the program ends if the engine stops.
Hell House
(The New Adventure of Chuck)

Issue 6 (Sep 1985),
Pages 78-80.
Stephen Reeves Unexpanded hell house.prg
Text adventure. Slay the dragons and demons, and collect the gold.

Commands include: go left, go right, go forward, get 'object', examine 'object', drop 'object', recover gold, slay dragon or demon, gaze-into palantir.
Into Games Pt7

Issue 7 (Oct 1985),
Pages 76-79.
Rory Newman Unexpanded into games pt7.t64
Programming tutorial, adding a professional touch to games.
Title Page: Displays a title screen for 'Supreme 12', then auto-loads the next program from tape.
Instructions: Displays the instructions one letter at a time.
Scroll Message: Scroll a message on the screen.
Read Joystick: Subroutine to read the joystick.
Define Keys: Subroutine to set user-defined keys.
Hi-Score Table: Subroutine for a basic hi-score table.
Into Games Pt8

Issue 8 (Nov 1985),
Pages 76-78.
Rory Newman Unexpanded downhill skier.t64
Vertically scrolling ski game. Hit the flags and avoid the trees.

Z (left), M (right).
A Fairy Tale Adventure

Issue 10 (Jan 1986),
Pages 80-85.
Steve Lucas 16K expansion fairytale 16k.prg
Text adventure. The evil ogre has stolen three treasures from the peasants. You must find each object and return it to your ill mother, and then kill the ogre.

Commands include: n, s, w, e, up, down, in, out, inv, help, get, drop, read, sow, drink, eat, remove, wear, plant, give, chop, search, unlock, open, hide, pull, kill.


  1. Flexidisc records were included with the following issues:
  2. Hell House (85-09) appears to be a modified version of Dragon's Lair (VIC Innovative Computing).
  3. Kidnapped (85-05) & A Fairy Tale Adventure (86-01) were originally published for the C64, and Red Alert (85-06) & Hell House (85-09) were originally published for the C16.

With thanks to Internet Archive for scanning this magazine.

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