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ASCII (アスキー) was a monthly multi-format magazine published by ASCII Corporation in Japan. They mainly targeted business users who use personal computers in their home and office, plus occasional articles about computer games and music. It was published from 1977 until 2010. The magazine LOGiN was launched in 1982 as a games-oriented spin-off.

The Super Expander programs in this magazine require the Japanese VIC-1211M Super Expander cartridge, available here. They will not work with the VIC-1211A Super Expander.

Japanese VIC-1001 computers have a Katakana character ROM and different keyboard layout (see here). In particular, the pound key (£) is replaced with a yen key (¥). This means that program listings use an inverted yen symbol for Ctrl+3 (red), instead of the normal inverted pound.

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Bowling Game

Issue 57,
Vol 6 No 3 (Mar 1982),
Pages 116-120.
Fusakazu Imada
今田 房一
Super Expander+8K bowling-se8k.prg
10-pin bowling game. Position your man, release the ball, and try to knock down as many pins as you can.

, (up), . (down), Space (bowl).

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