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LOGiN (ログイン) was a multi-format magazine aimed at younger readers and mainly dedicated to gaming, published by ASCII Corporation in Japan. It was launched in May 1982 as a spin-off from ASCII. The magazine was initially launched as a quarterly magazine, then published monthy from April 1983 onwards.

Japanese VIC-1001 computers have a Katakana character ROM and different keyboard layout (see here). In particular, the pound key (£) is replaced with a yen key (¥). This means that program listings use an inverted yen symbol for Ctrl+3 (red), instead of the normal inverted pound.

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Powered Suit War

Issue 1
(May 1982),
Pages 78-85.
Tetsuro Saeki
Unexpanded powered-suit.t64
Earth is under attack. Move your crosshairs onto the enemy to shoot them.

@ (up), / (down), : (left), ; (right), Space (fire).

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