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Computer Answers was a multi-format magazine published in Great Britain by VNU Business Publications. It provided news, reviews, and technical information with the broad aim of answering reader's questions and solving their queries. The first issue was published in Nov/Dec 1982, and only a small number of issues have been scanned. The spin-off magazine Commodore Answers was dedicated to Commodore computers.

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4 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info
Playing on Words

Mar 1984,
Pages 38-39.
Dr Peter Turcan Unexpanded bluff.prg
Word game, similar to television game show Call My Bluff. A word is displayed with three definitions, and you must select the correct definition.

Follow on-screen prompts.
Got a Foggy Notion?
(Fog Index)

Mar 1984,
Pages 57-62.
Dr Peter Turcan Unexpanded fog-index.prg
Utility. Assess the readability of text by calculating the fog index. For adult readers, values between 8-14 are acceptable.

Type three sentences from the document you want to check. Note: typing long sentences may cause an 'extra ignored' error, where the end of the sentence is discarded.
Whizzing With Words
(Word Whizz)

Mar 1984,
Pages 64-66.
Caspian Prince Super Expander+3K word-whizz-se3k.prg
Educational game. Push all the letters to the top of the screen.

Joystick or Y (up), B (down), G (left), H (right), Return (push letter).
Battle Stations!

May 1984,
Pages 30-32.
Chris Preston 3K expansion battleships-3k.prg
Battleships game for two players. It requires two VIC-20 computers connected via a userport cable described in the article. Each player positions their aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates, and then attempts to sink the enemy fleet before their own ships are destroyed.

Follow on-screen prompts.


  1. Whizzing With Words (84-03) was also published in Australian Personal Computer (84-03).
  2. Battle Stations! (84-05) was also published in Australian Personal Computer (84-06).

With thanks to Internet Archive and World of Spectrum for scanning some issues of this magazine.

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