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Your 64 was a British magazine dedicated to Commodore computers, published by Sportscene Specialist Press. The magazine was initially called Your 64 & VIC 20, then it was renamed Your 64 from issue 7 (Mar 1985) onwards. It started as a bi-monthly magazine in April 1984, and turned monthly with issue 6 (Feb 1985). A total of 14 issues were published, then it was incorporated into Your Commodore magazine. The editors were Bruce Sawford (issue 1), Surya (issues 2-7), Roger Munford (issues 8-10), Roger Andout (issue 11) and Alison Hjul (issues 12-14).

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Issue 1 (Apr 1984),
Pages 75-78.
Mark Greenshields 3K expansion maze 3k.prg
You are trapped in a scrolling, multi-screen maze and must find the exit as quickly as possible.
Z (left), X (right), K (up), M (down).

Issue 4 (Nov 1984),
Pages 70-77.
Dave Ponting 3K expansion exocet 3k.prg
Use your missiles to sink enemy ships as they cross the horizon.
F1 (left), F3 (right), F7 (fire).


  1. Exocet (84-11) was republished with permission from Sixty Programs for the VIC 20.

With thanks to Mort and DLH's Commodore Archive for scanning this magazine.

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