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Commodore újság (HU)

Commodore újság was a Hungarian magazine dedicated to Commodore computers. It was published by Országos Commodore Egyesület (National Commodore Association) from 1986 until 1994. They printed news, reviews, tutorials, hardware projects, and type-in program listings.

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5 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info
Péter és Pál
(Peter and Paul)

Pages 22-23.
Tihor Miklós 3K expansion peter-es-pal-3k.t64
Two player game. Plant trees to grow ears, which you must collect to score points. Increase your strength by collecting cats. Do not touch fences or walls, and avoid the ashes that appear when a tree is struck by lightning.

Player 1: W (up), Z (down), A (left), S (right), Space (plant tree).
Player 2: Joystick.

Pages 16-17.
Tihor Miklós 3K expansion winnetou-3k.t64
Hunchback game. Jump over warriers, fireballs and other hazards, and collect the tomahawk at the end of each screen. Complete all 16 levels to rescue the girl.

X (left), V (right), / (jump).
Rajzoló rutinok
(Drawing Routines)

Page 18.
Biro Bela Unexpanded rajzolo-rutinok.prg
Hi-res drawing routine that uses the full screen with a 176*184 resolution. The demo displays a geometric design.

Ferde Torony
(Leaning Tower)

Pages 20-21.
Vörös Csaba 8K expansion ferde-torony-8k.prg
Tower of Hanoi puzzle. Move all the disks from the first column onto the third column. There are two rules: only one disk can be moved at a time, and smaller disks can only be placed on top of larger ones. Note: the game crashes with an 'out of data' error when you win.

Enter the 'from' and 'to' column (1-3) for each move.
Mojam Fogó
(Donkey Kong)

Pages 37-39.
Tihor Miklós 3K expansion donkey-kong-3k.t64
Donkey Kong game. Run across the platforms jumping over barrels and other hazards, and rescue the girl from the gorilla. There are three screens.

W (up), Z (down), A (left), S (right). Jump by holding the Shift key while pressing a direction key.


  1. The following programs are missing from this magazine: Monitor (aka TGMON) by G Toth (1986-5, p17-20; 1987-1, p19) [some parts of the listing are difficult to read], TG BASIC by G Toth (1988-2/3, p20-26) [I have the binary files but it is unclear how to run them].

With thanks to Internet Archive for scanning this magazine.

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