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Commodore Computing in SA (ZA)

Commodore Computing in SA was a South African magazine dedicated to Commodore computers, published by Systems Publishers. The editor was Salome Meyer. Few issues have been scanned.

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3 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info
Invisible Maze
(Maze Man)

Vol 2 No 2 (Apr/May 1984),
Pages 31-32.
Jacques Anderson Unexpanded maze man.prg
Maze game. Move the yellow diamond through the invisible maze to reach the red heart in the fewest possible moves. There is a five move penalty for pressing 'H' to display the walls.

W (up), X (down), A (left), D (right), H (briefly show walls).
VIC's Undeletable Line

Vol 2 No 5 (Oct/Nov 1984),
Page 4.
C R Rosli Unexpanded undeletable.prg
Programming demo. The final line in the program cannot be deleted because it has line number 65535, when the highest allowed line number is 63999. It makes a beeping noise when run.

VIC Finance

Vol 2 No 5 (Oct/Nov 1984),
Pages 28-29.
J de Villiers 16K expansion vic finance 16k.prg
Perform various financial calculations. Range tells you how much you can afford to borrow by calculating the interest five points above & below the mid-point. Amortize calculates the payment due & balance remaining for each month. Bargraph displays data on a bar chart (enter the labels as a single string with three letters per item e.g. "JanFebMar"). Monthly payment calculates the payment schedule for the life of a loan; File Create & Retrieve saves data onto tape. Balance Due calculates how much interest will be saved by making additional payments.

Follow on-screen prompts.


  1. The following programs are missing from this magazine: Kiddies' Quiz by W J de Jongh (Apr/May 1984) [the listing for the main program is incomplete].

With thanks to Retro Commodore for scanning this magazine.

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