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Electronic Fun With Computers and Games (US)

Electronic Fun With Computers and Games was an American multi-format magazine published by Fun & Games Publishing. It was dedicated to all aspects of gaming, covering home computers, consoles, arcade games, and electronic games. They published reviews, hints, buyer's guides, interviews, and tutorials etc. A total of 17 issues were published from November 1982 to March 1984, then it was relaunched as Computer Fun.

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Vol 1 No 10 (Aug 1983),
Pages 87-90.
Robert Alonso Unexpanded spider.t64
Collect all the diamonds but do not touch the deadly mines. Additional mines will appear as your score increases. Note: the screen sometimes fills with mines after losing a life, this might be a bug and/or typing mistake.

Joystick or J (up), N (left), M (right), Space (down), F7 (destroy nearby traps & diamonds).
Color Maze
(Blue to Green)

Vol 2 No 2 (Dec 1983),
Pages 91-92.
Gene Deutch Unexpanded blue-to-green.prg
Maze game. The computer draws a random blue maze. Turn the walls green by moving around the maze, then go to the top-left corner to finish.

Joystick. Note: It might be necessary to press Run/Stop & Restore, then RUN the game again, for the joystick controls to work properly.
Hacker's Helper

Vol 2 No 5 (Mar 1984),
Pages 71-72, 78-79.
Robert Alonso Unexpanded maze.prg
Programming tutorial showing how to create a simple maze game. Collect the hearts.


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