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Tilt was a French multi-format magazine published by Editions Mondiales. It was the first French magazine devoted to computers and video games, and covered all aspects of gaming including hardware & software reviews, pocket computers, handheld electronic games and board games. It started as a bi-monthly magazine in September 1982, and turned monthly with issue 10 (March 1984). A total of 122 issues were produced, with the final issue published in January 1994.

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Program Author Requirements Files Info
Raid sur New-York

80 Programmes Basic (May 1984),
Pages 175-177.
? 8K expansion raid new york 8k.t64
Blitz-style game. Drop bombs to destroy the buildings, so that you can land your plane safely. In this version the plane moves left-to-right, then right-to-left.
Space (drop bomb).
Laser Omega

80 Programmes Basic (May 1984),
Pages 177-178.
? Unexpanded laser omega.prg
Shoot the bombs before they hit the ground.
Crsr-Down (left), Crsr-Right (right), Space (fire).

80 Programmes Basic (May 1984),
Pages 178-179.
? Super Expander+3K schuss se3k.prg
Vertically scrolling ski game. Reach the end of the course with the fewest crashes.
Joystick or Crsr-Down (left), Crsr-Right (right).

80 Programmes Basic (May 1984),
Pages 179-181.
? 8K expansion labyrinthe 8k.prg
3D maze. Try to find the exit as quickly as possible. Note: The game crashes if you try to replay the same maze.
< (turn left), > (turn right), L (move forward), F1 (show map), F3 (map with location), F5 (map with trail), F7 (compass), Z (restart).

80 Programmes Basic (May 1984),
Pages 182-183.
? Super Expander+3K gobbler se3k.prg
Pac Man-style game. Eat all the dots, but don't eat the monsters (circles) unless you have just eaten a vitamin (asterisk).
Joystick or A (up), Z (down), Crsr-Down (left), Crsr-Right (right).

Issue 22 (Jun 1985),
Pages 51-53.
? Unexpanded clowns.prg
Collect all the balloons by jumping from the seesaw.
B (left), M (right).
Tour de Hanoi

Issue 27 (Dec 1985),
Pages 86-90.
? Unexpanded tour de hanoi.prg
Tower of Hanoi puzzle. Move all the disks one at a time to stack them on the rightmost column, without putting a larger disk on top of a smaller disk.
Press D, I or A to select the 'from' column, followed by the required key for the 'to' column.

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