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Personal Computer Games (GB)

Personal Computer Games was a British multi-format magazine published by VNU Business Publications. It was predominantly games-oriented. A total of 15 issues were produced: issue 1 was dated Summer 1983, issue 2 was bi-monthly (Dec 1983-Jan 1984), then it was published monthly from issue 3 (Feb 1984) to the final issue (Feb 1985). The editors were Deirdre Boyd (issue 1), Kathryn Custance (issue 2) and Chris Anderson (issues 3-15).

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4 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info
Stellar Run

Issue 3 (Feb 1984),
Pages 116-117.
? Unexpanded stellar run.prg
Fly through a dangerous asteroid field. Your ship will be destroyed if you hit anything.

A (left), S (right), W (up), Z (down).
Mud Bath

Issue 5 (Apr 1984),
Pages 146-148.
K Osborne Unexpanded mud bath.t64
Catch your clothes as they fall from the washing line. Don't let them land in the mud bath below.

J (left), L (right).

Issue 7 (Jun 1984),
Pages 88-91.
Keith Whittaker Unexpanded olympiad.t64
Gambling game. Place bets on which athlete will win the race.

Follow on-screen prompts.

Issue 15 (Feb 1985),
Page 65.
James Sullivan Unexpanded blockbuster.prg
Breakout game. Demolish the bricks with your bat & ball.

Joystick or A (left), L (right).


  1. Flexidisc records were included with the following issues:
  2. Stellar Run (84-02) was originally published in Sixty Programs for the VIC 20.

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