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Tast! (DK)

Tast! was a multi-format magazine published in Denmark by Audio Media A/S (former Forlaget Audio A/S). Only 4 issues were produced.

Danish computers have a slightly different Character ROM (see here). Three characters are changed: [ = Æ, ] = Å, and £ = Ø. This means that program listings use inverted Å for Crsr-Right and inverted Ø for Ctrl+3 (red), instead of the normal characters. If a standard Character ROM is used then these special characters will not be shown correctly.

Download all programs from this magazine on one disk:


3 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info
(VIC Ghosts)

Jan 1987,
Pages 11-13.
Tonny Holgersen Unexpanded vic-ghosts.prg
Pac-Man game. Eat the dots while avoiding the ghosts.

P (up), . (down), L (left), ; (right).
(Record Index)

Feb 1987,
Pages 18-21.
Kurt Petersen 16K expansion pladekartot-16k.prg
Database program. Store your music record collection on the computer.

Follow on-screen prompts.

Apr 1987,
Pages 34-35.
Claus L Pedersen 3K expansion king-kong-3k.prg
Donkey Kong platform game. Run across the girders and jump over the barrels to rescue the people from the top of the screen - when you reach the top, jump to rescue them. There are three different screens.

Note: some of the graphics are incomplete because of a printing error in the magazine (the ends of some lines are missing).

Joystick or Z (left), C (right), B (jump).


  1. Ghost (87-01) appears to be a modified version of Packman (VIC, Dec 1983).

With thanks to Internet Archive and Retro Commodore for scanning this magazine.

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