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Big K was a British multi-format magazine published by IPC Magazines. It was predominantly games-oriented, with a small amount of technical content covering utilities & hardware etc. A total of 12 issues were produced, from April 1984 to March 1985. TV Gamer magazine was incorporated into Big K from issue 11 (February 1985) onwards. The editor was Tony Tyler.

Download all programs from this magazine on one disk:

Big K.d64

12 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info

Issue 1 (Apr 1984),
Page 14.
G Hoarewell Unexpanded rocket.prg
Launch your rockets at the UFO.

Save The City!

Issue 1 (Apr 1984),
Pages 58-59.
Issue 3 (Jun 1984),
Page 6.
D Later & E Blare Unexpanded save the city.prg
Shoot the UFO with your tank.

Watch That Bunker!
(Miniature Golf)

Issue 2 (May 1984),
Pages 68-69.
H Cole Unexpanded miniature golf.prg
Crazy golf game. Try to complete each course with the fewest strokes.

Type the direction and strength of each shot.
Hare Lifts

Issue 4 (Jul 1984),
Pages 78-83.
Kevin Hughes Unexpanded hare lifts.prg
Platform game. Guide your rabbit along the girders to reach the carrot at the top of the screen, while avoiding the barrels. There are eight screens to complete.

Joystick (push up to jump over the barrels, and press fire to use the lifts).
Speed Arena

Issue 5 (Aug 1984),
Pages 56-57.
M Graley Unexpanded speed arena.prg
Drive as far as possible around the screen while avoiding the blocks that appear in your path.

L (left), : (right), A (up), Z (down).
Planet Electro

Issue 5 (Aug 1984),
Pages 84-85.
C Mill 3K expansion planet eltro 3k.prg
Defender game. Protect the humans from the blue aliens.

A (stop), D (right), W (up), X (down), S (fire).
Cross Fire

Issue 6 (Sep 1984),
Pages 76-77.
E McRacken Unexpanded cross fire.prg
Fire your two guns, timing your shots so that when the bullets meet they will fall down the screen and hit one of the targets.

Z (fire left gun), X (fire right gun).
Maze of Gold

Issue 8 (Nov 1984),
Page 95.
Issue 10 (Jan 1985),
Page 119.
G Roberts Unexpanded maze of gold.t64
Drive your van through the maze collecting as much gold as you dare, but you must return to your home at the bottom of the screen within 60 seconds.

Z (left), X (right), ; (up), / (down).
Bar Shooting

Issue 9 (Dec 1984),
Pages 114-115.
Peter Adjaye Unexpanded bar shooting.prg
Shoot the beer glasses as they fall off the end of the bar. Make sure you hit the handle.

Space (fire).
Slalom Slope

Issue 10 (Jan 1985),
Pages 96-97.
Stephen Budden Unexpanded slalom slope.prg
Vertically-scrolling downhill ski race, with three game modes.

Z (left), X (right).

Issue 11 (Feb 1985),
Pages 56-57.
Issue 12 (Mar 1985),
Page 69.
David Greahme Unexpanded fruitbusters.prg
Pac-Man game. Eat the dots and avoid the ghost.

6 (left), 8 (right), 2 (up), Q (down).
Egg Eater
(Cavern Run)

Issue 12 (Mar 1985),
Pages 48-51.
Martin Holland Unexpanded egg eater.t64
As a cave-dwelling Wub (the little scorpion-like creature), you must collect all the delicious eggs while negotiating traps and avoiding hazards, then return to your nest.

< (left), > (right), A (up), Z (down).


  1. Flexidisc records were included with the following issues:
  2. Rocket! (84-04) appears to be a modified version of Rocket Command (Personal Computing on the Vic-20).
  3. Save The City! (84-04) appears to be a modified version of Tank-v-Ufo (Personal Computing on the Vic-20).
  4. Watch That Bunker! (84-05) appears to be a modified version of Miniature Golf (VIC, Dec 1983).
  5. Planet Electro (84-08) appears to be a modified version of Invasion (VIC Innovative Computing).
  6. Bar Shooting (84-12) appears to be a modified version of Pot Shot (Computer & Video Games, 81-12).
  7. Fruitbusters! (85-02) appears to be a modified version of Pacman (Computer & Video Games, 82-09).

With thanks to Internet Archive and DLH's Commodore Archive for scanning this magazine.

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