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Personal Computing on the Vic-20 (US)
Commodore International, 1981

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Appendix G: 20 Sound Effects For The Vic-20

Program Author Requirements Files Info
Sound Effects

Pages 135-138.
? Unexpanded sound effects.t64
A collection of 20 subroutines to produce the following sound effects: Scales, Computer Mania, Explosion, Bombs Away, Red Alert, Laser Beam, High-Low Siren, Busy Signal, Phone Ringing, Birds Chirping, Wind, Ocean Waves, Vanishing UFO, UFO Landing, UFO Shooting, Wolf Whistle, Running Feet, Tick-Tock, Door Opening, Blips.

Appendix M: Vic Programs To Try

Program Author Requirements Files Info

Pages 153-156.
Duane Later Unexpanded tank-v-ufo.prg
Shoot the UFO with your tank.
Z (left), C (right), B (fire).
Killer Comet

Pages 156-157.
Duane Later Unexpanded killer comet.prg
Destroy the meteor before it hits your moon base.
Any (fire).
Rocket Command

Pages 158-159.
Duane Later Unexpanded rocket command.prg
Launch your rockets at the UFO.
Any (fire).


  1. Modified versions of Tank-v-Ufo (p. 153-156) appear to have been published as Tank-v-Ufo (VIC Games), Tank Attack (Commodore Computing International, 82-11), Ufo-Jagd (Happy Computer, 83-12), Invasion (Commander, 84-02) and Save The City! (Big K, 84-04).
  2. A slightly different version of Rocket Command (p. 158-159) was published in VIC! (Vol 6).
  3. Modified versions of Rocket Command (p. 158-159) appear to have been published as UFO Target (Commodore Computing International, 83-08) and Rocket! (Big K, 84-04).

With thanks to DLH's Commodore Archive for making this book available in PDF format.

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