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Computer Choice was a British multi-format magazine published monthly by Business Press International. It was launched in December 1983 and at least nine issues were produced. The magazine provided games coverage and beginner's tutorials, and it is also remembered for their Triple Test reviews that compared three computer models. Few issues have been scanned. The editor was Bill Bennett.

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3 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info
Attack of the Mutant Horde

Dec 1983,
Pages 36-40.
Fin Fahey 3K expansion mutant horde 3k.prg
You are an explorer (*). Lure the mutants (M) into the puddles (O) without getting caught.

E (up), X (down), S (left), D (right), W, R, Z, C (diagonal).
Not Just Cricket
(Cricket Match)

Jan 1984,
Pages 84-87.
Fin Fahey Unexpanded cricket match.prg
Cricket game. Try to get more runs than the computer.

Follow on-screen prompts.
The Black Box of Ivan Kondratov
(Message Encoder)

Mar 1984,
Pages 62-65.
Fin Fahey Unexpanded message encoder.prg
Encode and decode secret messages.

Follow on-screen prompts.

With thanks to World of Spectrum for scanning this magazine.

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