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Pixel was a Greek multi-format magazine. Issue 1 was published as a quarterly magazine, issues 2-5 were bi-monthly, and then it was published monthly from issue 6 (Jan 1985) onwards. At least 28 issues were produced. The editor was Nikos Manousos.

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Alpha Attack

Issue 1 (Oct-Dec 1983),
Pages 78-79.
Alex Kiernan Unexpanded alpha attack.prg
Space Invaders-type game. Shoot the aliens with your base, which has a rotating turret.
Z (left), X (right), , (rotate left), . (rotate right), Space (fire).
Snake Byte

Issue 1 (Oct-Dec 1983),
Pages 80-81.
Andrew Dilley Unexpanded snake byte.prg
Snake game. Eat the flies and beetles but avoid the deadly mushrooms.
< (left), > (right), S (up), X (down).
Striker's Revenge

Issue 1 (Oct-Dec 1983),
Pages 82-83.
Simon Tweed Unexpanded strikers rvnge.prg
Two of your workers are throwing apples and spanners from the factory roof. Catch each item and take it to the lorry on the left side of the screen.
Crsr-Down (left), Crsr-Right (right).
3-D Maze

Issue 1 (Oct-Dec 1983),
Page 84.
J Hurll Unexpanded 3-d maze.prg
Escape from the 3D maze in the fewest moves, while looking at the map as little as possible.
N (north), S (south), W (west), E (east), H (view map).

Issue 1 (Oct-Dec 1983),
Page 85.
Paul Hampson Unexpanded seahawk.prg
Shoot the seahawk as many times as you can.
, (left), . (right), F (fire).
The Kingdom of Cedrick

Issue 2 (May-Jun 1984),
Pages 85-86.
Gwyn Jones Unexpanded king cedrick.prg
Strategy game. As the King, you face threats each year from floods, famine, bandits and invasion. Decide how to best allocate your resources. Can you survive until old age?
For each year, enter how many people you want as dyke men, farmers, guards and soldiers.

Issue 3 (Jul-Aug 1984),
Pages 108-109.
? Super Expander+3K+8K flags se3k+8k.prg
A series of national flags are displayed on the screen. When you press a key, you will be asked to identify the country each flag belongs to. How many can you answer correctly? Note: the program may display an error message when first run, just RUN it again.
Follow on-screen prompts.

Issue 6 (Jan 1985),
Pages 108-109.
Mark Manns Unexpanded ufo.prg
Space Invaders-style game. Shoot the UFO as many times as you can in 2 minutes.
Z (left), C (right), M (fire).

Issue 7 (Feb 1985),
Page 116.
Martyn Frederickson Unexpanded moles.prg
Try to kill the moles by dropping bombs on their molehills.
F7 (drop bomb).


  1. Alpha Attack (83-10) was previously published in Computer & Video Games (83-02).
  2. Snake Byte (83-10) was previously published in Your Computer (83-04).
  3. Striker's Revenge (83-10) was previously published in Popular Computing Weekly (83-03-10).
  4. 3-D Maze (83-10) was previously published in Vic Computing (83-03).
  5. Seahawk (83-10) was previously published in Popular Computing Weekly (83-06-09).
  6. The Kingdom of Cedrick (84-05) was previously published in Popular Computing Weekly (83-03-17).
  7. UFO (85-01) was previously published in Commodore Horizons (84-02).
  8. Moles (85-02) was previously published in Commodore Horizons (84-01). Lines 10-22 (several REM statements) have been removed from the Pixel version.

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