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Computer Games was an Italian multi-format magazine published by Peruzzo Periodici. It covered all aspects of gaming including home computers, handheld games and arcade games. A total of 12 issues were produced. The first 6 issues were published as a standalone magazine, then it continued as a supplement in Futura magazine. The editor was Aldo Grasso.

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12 programs

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Issue 1 (Apr 1984),
Pages 47-48.
? Unexpanded othello.prg
Board game, capture as many pieces as you can. You play black, the computer plays white.

Type the column and row for each move.
Il Gioco Delle Biglie
(The Game of the Bonds)

Issue 2 (May 1984),
Pages 53-54.
? Unexpanded gioco biglie.prg
Reverse the order of the counters in the fewest possible moves. A piece can be moved into an adjacent empty square, or by leaping over one counter into the empty square.

Type the 'from' and 'to' positions of each move, e.g. "6,5".
Lotta Tra Cellule
(Fight Between Cells)

Issue 2 (May 1984),
Page 59.
? Unexpanded cellule.prg
John Conway's Game of Life, simulating the birth, growth and death of cells on a 9x9 grid.

Position your cells at the start of the game by entering their coordinates. When finished, enter the across value as 0. When the game is running, press and hold the following keys until they produce the required action: F1 (pause), F3 (clear all cells and restart), F5 (restart without clearing cells).
Attentato All'onu
(Attentive to the UN)

Issue 3 (Jun 1984),
Pages 56-58.
? Unexpanded attentato.prg
A bomb has been hidden somewhere within a 100 x 100 x 100 area. With only your bomb detector's signal strength to guide you, can you locate the bomb before it explodes?

Type your guess, three numbers separated by commas e.g. "50,50,50".

Issue 3 (Jun 1984),
Pages 60-61.
Vincenzo Musico di Messina Unexpanded chiaroveggenza.prg
Clairvoyant simulation. The computer performs a mathematical trick related to your age and another number.

Follow on-screen prompts.
Test di Longevita'
(Longevity Test)

Issue 3 (Jun 1984),
Pages 63.
? Unexpanded longevita.prg
This program asks questions about your age, weight and alcohol intake etc, then calculates your life expectancy.

Follow on-screen prompts.
Lunar Landing

Issue 3 (Jun 1984),
Pages 64-65.
? Unexpanded lunar landing.prg
Lunar Lander game. Using only your thrusters, try to land your ship on the lunar surface. Too slow and you will run out of fuel & oxygen, too fast and you will crash.

Input the amount of thrust (-50 to 50), and for how many seconds.
Buco Nero
(Black Hole)

Issue 4 (Jul/Aug 1984),
Pages 60-61.
? Unexpanded buco nero.prg
Collect the yellow asteroids while avoiding the invisible black hole. The only way to detect the black hole is by seeing how it effects the movement of your ship - if you get too close then you will be destroyed.

Z (left), X (right), ; (up), / (down).
Senza Rete
(Without a Net)

Issue 5 (Sep 1984),
Pages 61-62.
? Unexpanded senza rete.prg
You must cross a tightrope between two buildings. It takes twelve steps to reach the other platform, but any oscillation in the rope could be fatal.

S (move forward), Z (tilt left), X (tilt right).
Mitragliere di Coda
(Tail Gunner)

Issue 6 (Oct 1984),
Page 55.
? Unexpanded mitragliere.prg
3D space shooter. Move the enemy plane into your sights and destroy it within 30 seconds.

P (up), . (down), L (left), : (right), = (fire).
Attacco Aereo
(Air Attack)

Issue 7 (Nov 1984),
Pages 28-29.
? Unexpanded attacco aereo.prg
Fly across the landscape dropping bombs on enemy munitions sites. The counter at the bottom-left tells you the distance to the next target.

F3 (drop bomb), F5 (up), F7 (down).
Il Gioco dei Dadi
(The Game of Dice)

Issue 8 (Dec 1984),
Pages 28-29.
? Unexpanded gioco dei dadi.prg
Dice game played against the computer. Each player rolls two dice, and the person who gets the highest total wins each round.

Follow on-screen prompts.


  1. Othello (84-04) appears to be a modified version of Reversi (Games For Your VIC20).
  2. Lotta Tra Cellule (84-05) appears to be a modified version of Life (Games For Your VIC20).
  3. Test di Longevita' (84-06) appears to be a modified version of Life Expectancy (Getting Acquainted With Your VIC 20).
  4. Lunar Landing (84-06) appears to be a modified version of Lunar Landing (Getting Acquainted With Your VIC 20).
  5. Buco Nero (84-07) appears to be a modified version of Black Hole (The VIC 20 Games Book).
  6. Senza Rete (84-09) appears to be a modified version of Tight-rope (The VIC 20 Games Book).
  7. Mitragliere di Coda (84-10) appears to be a modified version of Tail Gunner (Games For Your VIC20).
  8. Attacco Aereo (84-11) appears to be a modified version of Bombing Run (The VIC 20 Games Book).

With thanks to Internet Archive for scanning this magazine.

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