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The VIC 20 Games Book (GB)
Owen Bishop
Granada, 1983

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Black Hole

Pages 5-11.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded black hole.prg
Collect the yellow gold while avoiding the invisible black hole. The only way to detect the black hole is by seeing how it effects the movement of your ship - if you get too close then you will be destroyed.
Z (left), X (right), ; (up), / (down).

Pages 12-17.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded tight-rope.prg
You must cross a circus tightrope. It takes twelve steps to reach the other platform, but any oscillation in the rope could be fatal.
S (move forward), Z (tilt left), X (tilt right).
Magic Jigsaw

Pages 18-23.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded magic jigsaw.prg
Jigsaw puzzle for young children. Humpty Dumpty's pieces are muddled up, and some squares are turned the wrong way. Can you put him back together again? It plays the Humpty Dumpty tune when you win.
Move pieces by entering their number (1-9) followed by the new position (1-9). Rotate pieces by entering their number (1-9) followed by any letter key (A-Z).
Cops and Robbers

Pages 24-29.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded cops robbers.prg
Strategy game for 2 players. The cops (blue square) must catch the robbers (red square) before the robbers escape to their hideaway. The cops have a faster car but must obey traffic laws, which mean they can only go ahead or turn left. The robbers have a slower car but ignore traffic laws. The robbers move when the higher note is sounding, and both cars automatically move forward if no key is pressed.
Press G to start the game.
Cops: F3 (move forward two squares), F5 (turn left), F7 (stop).
Robbers: A (turn left), S (turn right), Z (U-turn), Space (stop).
Mind Over Electrons

Pages 30-34.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded mind electrons.prg
Guessing game. The computer randomly selects one of ten symbols, and you must guess which one it chose. After 100 trials, it displays how many you got right.
Move the arrow by pressing F7, then press F5 when it is beneath your guess.
Nimble Thimble

Pages 35-39.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded nimble thimble.prg
Nim game for 2 players. Three coloured thimbles (purple, green, blue) are randomly positioned. Players take it in turns to move one thimble closer to the home square at the bottom-right of the screen. The winner is the last player to move a thimble home.
5 (move purple thimble), 6 (move green thimble), 7 (move blue thimble). When the game ends, press Run/Stop and type RUN to play again.
Sand Castle

Pages 40-46.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded sand castle.prg
Typing game. You are building a sand castle on the beach. Each time a number appears in the sky, you must press that key to build another layer of the sand castle. Can you finish the castle before the tide comes in?
Press the number shown (1-0).
Bombing Run

Pages 47-51.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded bombing run.prg
Fly across the landscape dropping bombs on enemy munitions sites. The counter at the bottom-left tells you the distance to the next target.
F3 (drop bomb), F5 (up), F7 (down).

Pages 52-58.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded breakaway.prg
Board game. The computer controls the purple piece, and you control the green, blue and yellow pieces. You must move one piece during each move, pieces can only move along the lines, and they cannot jump over other pieces. Your pieces can move up and sideways but not down, while the computer can move up & down. You win if you can block the purple piece at the top of the screen so that it cannot move, and the computer wins if reaches the bottom of the screen. If multiple games are played then the computer learns from its mistakes to improve its strategy.
Select which colour you want to move (6=green, 7=blue, 8=yellow), followed by a direction: H (left), J (right), Y (up-left), U (up), I (up-right).

Pages 59-63.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded snipers.prg
Snipers are attacking, and your only clue to their location is the flash when they fire. Aim your machine gun where the flashes appear and shoot them before they take cover elsewhere. You must kill all the snipers before one of them shoots you.
Z (left), X (right), ; (up), / (down), Space (fire).
Nine Men Morris

Pages 64-69.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded nine men morris.prg
Board game for 2 players. During the first phase, both players take it in turns to put their pieces on the board. If either player puts three pieces in a line then they can remove one of their opponent's pieces. During the second phase, pieces are moved around the board and cannot jump other pieces. Again if a player gets three pieces in a line they can remove an opponent's piece. The game ends by either blocking your opponent so they cannot move, or by removing their pieces.
In the setup phase, position your pieces by pressing 'Space' to move the question mark to the desired location, then press '/'. During play, select the piece you want to move (1-9), then press: U (up), N (down), H (left), J (right). Remove opponent's pieces by entering its number (1-9).
Ball Maze

Pages 70-75.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded ball maze.prg
Maze game. Move the ball by tilting the maze, which makes it roll freely under its own inertia. The scales at the right & bottom of the screen show how the maze is currently tilted. Navigate to the exit (blue circle) without falling into any of the holes.
Z (tilt left), X (tilt right), ; (tilt up), / (tilt down).

Pages 76-80.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded singalong.prg
Music program that generates a song with amusing semi-random lyrics, then invites you to sing along to the tune.
Follow on-screen prompts.

Pages 81-86.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded pintable.prg
You have got 8 balls, and you must decide when to release each ball. You score points for every pin that it hits as it rolls down the table.
Any key (release ball).
Rail Runner

Pages 87-93.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded rail runner.prg
Strategy game for 2-4 players. Players must lay a railway line that passes through three towns, and each player should write down their route at the start of the game. From top-left to bottom-right the towns are: Ayr (black), Burnley (white), Cardiff (red), Derby (cyan), Everton (purple), Falkirk (green), Grimsby (blue), Halifax (yellow), Ipswich (black). Each player lays a section of track in the following colours: Player 1 (red), player 2 (cyan), player 3 (purple), player 4 (green). A straight piece of track must be used when leaving a station, U-turns are not allowed, you must press a direction key to lay track going through each station, and do not go through any stations except those on your list. When a player reaches the final station, a train will run along the track from start to finish.
U (up), N (down), H (left) J (right), ArrowLeft (remove last tile). When the game ends, press Run/Stop and type RUN to play again.
Computer Clues

Pages 94-100.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded computer clues.prg
Mastermind game. Set the difficulty by entering how many pieces (3-6), colours (3-8) and shapes (1-4) you want to use, then try to guess the random code. With one shape, the following stripes are used: blue (a correct colour in the right position), and red (a correct colour in the wrong position). With multiple shapes, these stripes are used: yellow (correct colour & shape in the right position), blue (a correct colour but wrong shape in the right position), green (a correct shape but wrong colour in the right position), cyan (a correct shape & colour in the wrong position), red (a correct colour in the wrong shape & position), and white (a correct shape in the wrong colour and position).
For each guess, enter the colour (keys 1-8) and shape (keys A,S,Z,X).

Pages 101-106.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded spellbound.prg
Word game for 2-6 players. A pool of four tiles is shown. You must use some combination of those letters to spell a word. If you take too long then the tiles will change.
Press Space as soon as you spot a word. When "Groups?" appears, enter the tile numbers (1-4) in order to spell the word, and press Space when finished. When "OK?" appears, all players must agree that it is a spelt correctly (Y/N). When "Who?" appears, enter the player number (1-6) who found that word.

Pages 107-112.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded minefield.prg
You are an escaped POW, and you must cross the minefield to escape to safety at the bottom-right corner of the screen while avoiding the enemy troops who patrol the area. You only have two clues to avoid the invisible mines: tress & bushes are always safe, and troops never pass over the mines.
U (up), N (down), H (left), J (right).

Pages 113-118.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded vibrations.prg
Puzzle game. The screen is filled with vibrating symbols. Starting in the top-left corner you must find a way of navigating to the bottom-right corner, by moving from one symbol to another when they are touching.
U (up), N (down), H (left), J (right).

Pages 119-124.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded poker-face.prg
Card game, play poker against the computer. You & the computer are dealt a random hand, and the computer's reaction may provide clues. For each hand, you must decide whether to see the computer's cards or turn in your own cards.
S (see the computer's cards), T (turn in your cards).

Pages 125-130.
Owen Bishop Unexpanded snorkel.prg
Collect oysters from the bottom of the ocean. After fetching an oyster, you automatically drift back to the surface. Touching a puffer fish will force you to return to the surface to remove its sharp spines, the dangling Man-of-War tentacles are poisonous, and it takes several seconds to free yourself if your hand gets trapped in a clam.
; (up), / (down). You can only move vertically, the tides make you randomly drift from side-to-side.


  1. A modified version of Black Hole (p. 5-11) appears to have been published as Buco Nero (Computer Games, 84-07).
  2. A modified version of Tight-rope (p. 12-17) appears to have been published as Senza Rete (Computer Games, 84-09).
  3. A modified version of Bombing Run (p. 47-51) appears to have been published as Attacco Aereo (Computer Games, 84-11).
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