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Personal Software was a British multi-format magazine published by Argus Specialist Publications. It was published quarterly, with each issue covering a different topic. The articles & listings were typically republished from other magazines by the same publisher. The editors included Henry Budgett and Dave Reeder. Note: Some issues have not been scanned, so there could potentially be missing programs from this magazine.

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11 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info
VIC Editor

Vol 2 No 1 (Summer 1983),
Pages 54-56.
Pieter Hintjens 3K expansion vic editor 3k.prg
Simple word processor/text editor, that uses a large 26x32 screen.

Type as normal, and use the cursor keys to move around. F1 (save to tape), F3 (load from tape), F5 (printout). Note: the 'press record/play' messages do not appear when loading & saving.
Address Book

Vol 2 No 1 (Summer 1983),
Pages 63-65.
Pieter Hintjens 8K expansion address book 8k.prg
Database for storing addresses and/or telephone numbers. Operate the program by using the cursor to type commands.

Type HELP for a list of commands. Create new entries by typing e.g. "/A.B.NAME;TEL 12345", and type LIST to show all the entries. See the magazine for details.
Tailoring VIC's Characters

Vol 2 No 1 (Summer 1983),
Pages 79-82.
Chris Wyatt Unexpanded tailoring chars.t64
Character designer. Produce your own user-defined graphics, designing them four characters at a time on a 2x2 grid. The demo program shows how to include graphics in your own programs by redefining @, A, B & C as a boat.

Cursor keys (move), F1 (set pixel), F3 (clear pixel), F2 (paint), F4 (unpaint), F8 (show data values).
VIC Blow-Up

Vol 2 No 1 (Summer 1983),
Pages 92-94.
Chris Wyatt Unexpanded vic blow-up.prg
Utility. Enlarge any keyboard character, and view its byte values and memory location. Can also be used with lower case and reversed characters.

Press the desired character key.
Galaxy Hero

Vol 4 No 2 (Summer 1985),
Pages 41-43.
David Wilkinson 3K expansion galaxy hero 3k.prg
Star Trek game. As captain of the Starship Exitprise, you must destroy all the Klingons.

Follow on-screen prompts. The galaxy is a grid of 5*12 quadrants, where each quadrant is a grid of 8*8 coordinates. A long range scan tells you the number of Klingons (left number) and starships (right number) in each quadrant. After shooting a ship you must perform a long range scan to enter it into the log.
The Bells!

Vol 4 No 2 (Summer 1985),
Pages 44-45.
Joe Sayones Unexpanded the bells.t64
Quasimodo game with 14 screens. Dodge the arrows, barrels, pits and other obstacles to reach the right-hand side of the screen.

/ (move right), Ctrl (jump). Press both keys together to jump over something.
Music Aid

Vol 4 No 2 (Summer 1985),
Pages 46-49.
Alan Blackham 3K expansion music aid 3k.prg
Write music on your computer by selecting notes on a stave, then entering the duration for each note. It can produce a BASIC listing for incorporating the tune into your own program.

Follow on-screen prompts.
Collision Ahead!
(Race Car)

Vol 4 No 2 (Summer 1985),
Pages 50-51.
R H Boyd 3K expansion race car 3k.prg
Dodgems game. Navigate your car through the maze collecting as many dots as you can, but do not hit the white car.

J (move inwards), K (move outwards), A (accelerate), D (slow down).
VIC Enhancers

Vol 4 No 2 (Summer 1985),
Pages 52-55.
Allen Webb 8K/16K expansion
See description for loading instructions.
vic enhancers 8k-16k.t64
Collection of graphics utilities.
Enhanced Basic: Basic extension with commands accessed via SYS calls. See here for details & loading instructions.
VIC Configuration: Helps you set-up the screen.
Hi-Res Plot: Subroutine for drawing hi-res graphics. See here for details & loading instructions.
Crazy Craneman

Vol 4 No 2 (Summer 1985),
Pages 56-57.
Andrew McNally Unexpanded crazy craneman.prg
Use your crane to pick up the crates (red square) and put them on the moving ship.

Press any key to pick up a crate, and again to lower it onto the ship.
Great Britain

Vol 4 No 2 (Summer 1985),
Pages 58-59.
P Stoddart Unexpanded gb and eire.prg
Displays a detailed map of Great Britain and Eire.



  1. A different version of Tailoring VIC's Characters (83-05) was published as Karakta (VicTape Computing, issue 4).
  2. Galaxy Hero (85-05) was also published as Star Trek (Home Computing Weekly, 83-11-29).
  3. The Bells! (85-05) was also published as Quasimodo (Home Computing Weekly, 84-07-10).
  4. A slightly different version of Music Aid (85-05) was published in Home Computing Weekly (83-11-08). This version displays the author's name on the title screen, and has some additional REM statements.
  5. Collision Ahead! (85-05) appears to be a modified version of Race Car (Commodore Computing International, 83-08). The Personal Software version was also published as Race Car (Home Computing Weekly, 84-07-03); this version has an additional REM statement.
  6. VIC Enhancers (85-05) was also published as Enhanced Basic (Home Computing Weekly, 83-09-20) and Better Graphics (Home Computing Weekly, 83-03-08). Some of the REM statements are slightly different in this version.
  7. Crazy Craneman (85-05) was also published in Home Computing Weekly (84-02-28).
  8. Great Britain (85-05) was also published as Great Britain and Eire (Home Computing Weekly, 84-02-14).

With thanks to DLH's Commodore Archive for scanning this magazine.

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