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Microdor (FR)

Microdor was a magazine dedicated to Commodore computers, published in France. At least seven issues were produced, from Jan/Feb 1986 to Dec/Jan 1987.

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2 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info
Symphonie Pour VIC 20
(VIC Orgue)

Issue 2 (Mar/Apr 1986),
Page 29.
Patrick Brunet Unexpanded vic-orgue.prg
Music program, play tunes on your computer.

Alpha-numeric keys (play note), F1-F7 (choose voice). Hold Shift+key to increase volume, CBM+key to decrease volume.
Copie D'Écran Avec VIC 20
(Copy Screen)

Issue 4 (Jul/Aug 1986),
Page 35.
Jean Cluyse Super Expander+3K cop-ecran-se3k.prg
Make printouts of the Super Expander hi-res screen, using an MPS801 or MPS803 printer.

Run the subroutine with GOSUB60000.

With thanks to Internet Archive and Abandonware Magazines for scanning this magazine.

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