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Electronic Games (IT)

Electronic Games was a multi-format magazine dedicated to handheld, electronic and computer games. It was published monthly in Italy by JCE, and ran from Jan 1984 until Sep 1986. Early issues were based on the American magazine with the same title, then it developed into its own unique publication with a broader focus on computers in general. The title changed to EG Computer in Sep 1984, and the words Elettronica Giovane were added from Mar 1985 onwards.

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L'Attacco Degli Automi
(The Attack of the Automatons)

Issue 12
(Dec 1984),
Pages 87-89.
Alessandro Barattini 3K expansion attacco-3k.t64
Fast moving space shooter written in machine code. Shoot the Automatons as they fly diagonally down the screen. Do not let them hit you.


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