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Home and Educational Computing! was an American magazine published by Small System Services. It was launched as a quarterly magazine dedicated to the Commodore VIC-20. Issue 0 was a free supplement/insert in Compute! issue 14 (July 1981). The Fall 1981 issue announced that it would become a bi-monthly multi-format magazine in Jan/Feb 1982, but it is unclear if any further issues were produced. It was incorporated into Compute! magazine in Jan 1982. The editor was Robert Lock.

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6 programs

Program Author Requirements Files Info
Custom Characters for the VIC

Vol 1 No 0 (Summer 1981),
Pages 11-15.
David Malmberg Unexpanded custom chars.t64
Create your own user defined graphics. The first program displays a space invader, the second program is a character editor, and the third program shows the Greek alphabet.

Follow on-screen prompts.
Alternate Screens

Vol 1 No 1 (Fall 1981),
Pages 12-14.
Jim Butterfield Unexpanded dual screen.prg
Programming demo, showing how to store two screens in memory.

Type anything on the screen, and switch between the two screens by pressing F1.
Fast Find

Vol 1 No 1 (Fall 1981),
Pages 15-16.
Harvey B Herman Unexpanded fast find.prg
Helps you to load programs from cassette tape by fast forwarding to the correct location under computer control.

Record this as the first program on your tape. In line 140 set variable N to the number of programs on the tape, and enter the filenames in line 350. The program will fast forward 6 secs for each program you need to skip over.
Automatic Line Numbers

Vol 1 No 1 (Fall 1981),
Page 17.
Jim Wilcox Unexpanded auto line num.prg
Subroutine to automatically generate line numbers to help when typing in programs.

Run this program, enter the required starting line and increment, then type in your own program.
Using the VIC Joystick

Vol 1 No 1 (Fall 1981),
Pages 18-24.
David Malmberg Unexpanded using joystick.t64
Three programs demonstrating how to use a joystick.

Read Joystick: How to read the joystick.

Make-a-Sketch: Art program, make your own drawings.

Spacewar: You control the purple ship. Shoot your opponent before he destroys you. There are three gravity modes: Sun's gravity, black hole, no gravity. Joystick with Space (hyperspace jump).
The Window

Vol 1 No 1 (Fall 1981),
Pages 26-27.
Charles Brannon Unexpanded border.prg
Subroutine for use in your own programs, draws a colourful border around the screen.



  1. An Italian version of the following program was published in Papersoft magazine: Using the VIC Joystick (Guerra spaziale, 85-07-19).
  2. Five programs were re-published in Compute!'s First Book of VIC: Custom Characters for the VIC (Summer 1981), Alternate Screens (Fall 1981), Automatic Line Numbers (Fall 1981), Using the VIC Joystick (Fall 1981), and The Window (Fall 1981). There are slight differences in the listings.
  3. A slightly different version of 'Character Generator' from Custom Characters for the VIC (Summer 1981) was published as VIC Char Genr (VIC, 83-08).
  4. A slightly different version of Fast Find (Fall 1981) was published as Quick Find (Compute's Gazette, 83-07; Compute!'s Third Book of VIC).
  5. Alternate Screens (Fall 1981) was also published in VIC Computing (81-12).
  6. A slightly modified version of 'Read Joystick' from Using the VIC Joystick (Fall 1981) appears to have been published as Joystick Test (VIC Games). The line numbers & REM statements are different.

With thanks to DLH's Commodore Archive for scanning this magazine.

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