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Creepy Computer Games (GB)
Jenny Tyler
Usborne Publishing, 1983

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Computer Nightmare

Page 3.
Brendon Kavanagh Unexpanded comp nightmare.prg
Typing game. Your computer has come alive and starts hurling numbers & abuse at you. You must type each number as it appears on the screen. You begin with a score of 300, you will defeat the computer if you can increase your score to 500, and you will become the computer's slave if your score falls to 0.
Type the numers as they appear.
Number Wizard

Pages 4-5.
Colin Reynolds Unexpanded number wizard.prg
The Number Wizard conjures up the numbers 1-9, then rolls two dice. You must give him two numbers that are both shown on the screen, and which add up to the same total as the numbers shown on the dice. You can only use each number once, but you can use zero as many times as needed. You must remove all the numbers from the screen before the final dice roll.
Type two numbers, pressing Return after each one. If you cannot go then enter two zeros.
Ghost Guzzler

Pages 6-7.
Colin Reynolds Unexpanded ghost guzzler.prg
Casio Number Invaders-style game. A ghostly number scrolls across the screen. To catch it, you must set your gun to the same number as the ghost, then press fire. Each time you miss, you will lose a life.
M (change number), X (fire).

Pages 8-9.
Val Robinson Unexpanded spiderwoman.prg
Spiderwoman has chosen a random letter of the alphabet, and you must work out letter it is. If you enter a word (comprising 4-8 letters) you will be told whether the letter is in that word, and if it is then you will have a chance to guess the letter.
Type your word/guess.
Grave Digger

Pages 10-11.
Alan Ramsey Unexpanded grave digger.prg
You have until midnight to escape from the graveyard, avoiding the graves (+), skeletons (X) and walls (:). You can dig up to five holes (O) to keep the skeletons at bay.
N (up), S (down), W (left), E (right).
Mad House

Pages 12-13.
Keith Campbell Unexpanded mad house.prg
You are trapped in a mad house where the walls are constantly moving. You must make the doorways line up so you can dash for freedom.
X,C (move top doorway), N,M (move bottom doorway).
Ghost Maze

Pages 14-15.
Colin Reynolds Unexpanded ghost maze.prg
Maze game. You are trapped in a haunted maze, and you can only see a short distance directly in front of you. You must find the exit (+) while avoiding the ghosts (G).
N (turn left), M (turn right), X (move forward).

Page 16.
Chris Oxlade Unexpanded seance.prg
Simon-style game. A sequence of letters is shown one at a time. You must remember them and type them in the correct order, or the spirits will get angry.
Type the letter sequence.

With thanks to Usborne Publishing and DLH's Commodore Archive for making this book available in PDF format.

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