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How to Program Games on the Commodore VIC 20 (CA)
Phil Bailey
N.E.T. Software, 1983

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Program Author Requirements Files Info
Our First Game Program

Pages 14-17.
Phil Bailey Unexpanded first program.prg
Shoot as many enemy ships as you can.
Z (left), M (right), C (fire).
Mine Dodger

Pages 19-23.
Phil Bailey Unexpanded mine dodger.prg
Veritcally scrolling race. Steer ten ships through the mine infested waters, to deliver supplies to your troops.
Crsr-Down (left), Crsr-Right (right).
Defense Base

Pages 33-37.
Phil Bailey Unexpanded defense base.prg
Earth is under attack. Shoot as many of the erratically-moving UFOs as you can. The game ends when five UFOs land on the ground.
Crsr-Down (left), Crsr-Right (right), Space (fire).

Pages 39-42.
Phil Bailey Unexpanded steeplechase.prg
You are riding your horse through a steeplechase course, and you must jump over the hazards as they appear in front of you.
F5 (high jump), F7 (long jump).
Pidey Power

Pages 43-45.
Phil Bailey Unexpanded pidey power.prg
You control a spider at the top of a window pane. You must catch the fly by lowering yourself down on top of the fly. If the fly breaks your thread then you'll lose a life.
Crsr-Down (left), Crsr-Right (right), Z (lower spider), X (raise spider).

With thanks to DLH's Commodore Archive for making this book available in PDF format.

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