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Me and My Micro: Program Translations (GB)
Mike Moore
Computer Training College, 1984

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4 programs

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Page 4.
Fred Harris & Mike Moore Unexpanded anagrams.prg
Type a word or phrase, and a list of 100 random anagrams will be displayed.

Enter a word.

Pages 11-12.
Fred Harris & Mike Moore Unexpanded monsterzap.prg
Shoot the monsters. You have a maximum of 20 bombs.

F (fire).

Page 15.
Fred Harris & Mike Moore Unexpanded quacman.prg
Maze game. Guide Quacman to the right side of the screen as quickly as possible.

Z (right), ; (up), / (down).

Pages 16-17.
Fred Harris & Mike Moore Unexpanded matchem.prg
Concentration game. Turn over two cards at a time, and try to find the matching pairs.

Type the number of the next card that you want to turn over (1-20).


  1. Me & My Micro was a 1980s television series that aimed to teach absolute beginners about computers and how to write simple games. It was presented by Fred Harris and produced by Yorkshire Television. The accompanying book Me & My Micro was written by Paul Shreeve (National Extension College Trust, 1984) and contained program listings for the BBC Micro/Acorn Electron and Sinclair Spectrum. A shorter booklet was also produced that only contained the program listings, and Acornsoft published a version with the programs on cassette tape. Mike Moore's booklet provided program translations for the Atari, Commodore 64 & VIC-20, Tandy & Dragon, MTX, Oric, and Sharp 700.

With thanks to Internet Archive for making this book available in PDF format.

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