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The Penguin Book of VIC 20 Games (GB)
Paul Copeland
Penguin Books, 1983

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Pages 1-21.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded you-draw.t64
Art drawing application. The main program is the editor, while the accompanying 'Mosiac' program loads a saved drawing from cassette and displays it in interesting ways.
Brush positioning keys: Q (top-left corner), Z (bottom-left corner), UpArrow (top-right corner), / (bottom-right corner), H (centre of screen).
Brush drawing keys: S (left), D (right), E (up), X (down), U (up-left), O (up-right), N (down-left), Comma (down-right), T (save picture on tape), G (load picture from tape), P (enter re-draw mode).
Re-draw mode: C (clear screen), * (redraw with random colours), R (redraw with original colours), A (redraw with similar colours), + (return to draw mode), N (new picture), E (exit program).
Noughts and Crosses

Pages 23-36.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded/8K nought cross.t64
Tic-tac-toe puzzle game, get three in a row before the computer. The enhanced version requires 8K memory expansion.
1-9 (position of next move).

Pages 37-40.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded othello.prg
Othello board game with an added time limit for making each move. You play purple, the computer plays cyan. Note: Let the computer have the first move otherwise it crashes with an 'out of memory' error.
Type your move in the format YX (two digits).

Pages 41-44.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded life.prg
John Conway's Game of Life, simulating the birth, growth and death of cells on a 14x14 grid.
Space Venture

Pages 45-51.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded space venture.prg
Space strategy game. Your shuttle is transporting four types of commodity: Myon (time, which rapidly depletes), Org (energy, used to power your ship and fire weapons), Shield (protect against enemy attacks) and Velk (precious metal acquired by destroying enemy ships). Will you survive to deliver your commodities to the 18th quadrant?
N (north), S (south), W (east), E (west), F (move forward to another quadrant), L (fire lasers), P (fire photons), H (hyperspace), T (show status).
Gamblers Delight

Pages 53-57.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded gambler delight.prg
Fruit machine game.
Type the amount of your bet, hit Return to start the wheels spinning, then press any key to stop each reel.
Oil Rig

Pages 59-63.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded oil rig.prg
Find as many oil fields as you can but avoid the mines.
Cursor keys (move up, down, left, right), / (test for oil).
Red Alert

Pages 65-72.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded red alert.prg
Battleships game played with Phasons (bombs, worth -250 if hit), Meetons (satellites, worth 300 if hit) and Starships (worth 2000 if hit). After hiding your ships, the game begins and you must try to find the computer's Meetons & Starships while avoiding the Phasons.
Setup: Crsr-Down & Crsr-Right (move cursor), P (place Phason), M (place Meeton), S (place Starship).
Game: Crsr-Down & Crsr-Right (move cursor), Return (interrogate square).

Pages 73-77.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded al-khwarizmi.prg
Simon game for 2 players. The computer displays a number sequence that you have to remember and repeat. Make a mistake and the other player gets a chance at entering the sequence correctly.
Type the number sequence using 1-9.
Music Sequencer

Pages 79-83.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded music sequencer.prg
Turns the computer into a music keyboard. In addition to playing a melody in real time, you can record tunes and save them onto cassette for reloading.
Play notes with 1-8. Follow on-screen prompts for all other commands.
Symbol Match

Pages 85-91.
Paul Copeland Unexpanded symbol match.prg
Concentration game for 2 players. Try to find the 18 matching pairs that are hidden within a grid.
Cursor keys (move), Return (interrogate square).
Utility Programs

Pages 93-115.
Paul Copeland & G M Ridden Unexpanded utility progs.t64
A collection of short programs and useful subroutines to perform various tasks.
Follow on-screen prompts.
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