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Stimulating Simulations for the VIC (US)
C. W. Engel
Hayden Book Company, 1983

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Pages 9-23.
C W Engel Unexpanded soccer.t64
A series of increasingly sophisticated football games for two players. In Soccer I, eliminate the opponent's players. In Soccer II, be the first team to pick up the ball. In Soccer III, kick the ball across the opponent's goal line. Mod Soc III adds further improvements.
Press the appropriate letter or number to select a player, then press a cursor key to move in the desired direction.
Art Auction

Pages 24-27.
C W Engel Unexpanded art auction.prg
Bid on five paintings and try to sell them for maximum profit. When a painting is offered for sale, three numbers are shown representing the mean and range of bids. You bid against the computer by entering a secret bid. After buying your paintings, you must try to sell them for profit. You will receive between one and five offers for each painting, and you must decide whether to accept the current offer or risk losing the sale in the hope that a higher offer might follow.
Follow on-screen prompts.
Monster Chase

Pages 28-31.
C W Engel Unexpanded monster chase.prg
You (Y) are trapped inside a cage with a hungry monster (M) that has a lifespan of ten moves. Can you avoid being eaten?
N (north), S (south), W (west), E (east), O (don't move).
Lost Treasure

Pages 32-36.
C W Engel Unexpanded lost treasure.prg
Text adventure. You land somewhere on an island that has woods, mountains, and treasure. Your compass is not very accurate and there is only an 80% chance you will move in the intended direction. Try to find the treasure (skull & crossbones on the map) in the fewest moves.
N (north), S (south), W (west), E (east).
Gone Fishing

Pages 37-42.
C W Engel Unexpanded gone fishing.prg
You have gone fishing and must catch as many fish as possible. The sea is an 8x8 grid, and the dock is at location 1,1. Beware of sea gulls stealing your bait, sharks frightening away the fish, and being caught in a storm. Return to dock within six hours or half your catch will spoil.
N (north), S (south), W (west), E (east), F (continue fishing at current location), B (restart game).
Space Flight

Pages 43-48.
C W Engel Unexpanded space flight.prg
You must deliver medical supplies from Alpha (coordinates 10,10) to Beta (coordinates 80,80). Fire either your full or half rockets, enter the desired angle (0 deg = East, 90 deg = North, etc), and make any course corrections that might be needed. You must fire your engines in the opposite direction to slow down before arriving, and must be within a distance of 1 with a speed of less than 1 in order to land.
M (fire main rockets), H (fire half rockets), C (coast for five time intervals).
Forest Fire

Pages 49-53.
C W Engel Unexpanded forest fire.prg
A storm has ignited fires in the forst. Put out the fires (*) and save as many trees (.) as possible. You can drop chemicals, which have a 50% chance of reducing the number of turns before the fire burns out at that location, or set backfires that form a barrier against the fire spreading.
Enter the row and column to drop chemicals, or type 0 and enter the row and column to set a backfire.
Nautical Navigation

Pages 54-59.
C W Engel Unexpanded naut navigation.prg
Navigate a sailboat to three different islands, using a radio direction finder. Best played with graph paper, protractor and ruler to plot your course.
Follow on-screen prompts.
Business Management

Pages 60-65.
C W Engel Unexpanded business manage.prg
You manage a factory that makes three products (P1-P3). Buy raw items, manufacture goods and sell them to maximise your profit.
B (buy raw goods), M (manufacture items), S (sell items), O (skip turn).
Rare Birds

Pages 66-71.
C W Engel Unexpanded rare birds.prg
Bird watching chart
Watch the birds in various locations, and try to identify as many birds as possible in a ten hour period. There are sixteen birds to identify, and the bird watching chart will help with identification.
First, choose a place to watch birds: S (swamp), W (water), D (desert), F (forest). Second, choose the time of day: M (morning), E (evening). Third, where to look: H (high), L (low). If you spot a bird, try to identify it from the clues.
Diamond Thief

Pages 72-77.
C W Engel Unexpanded diamond thief.prg
Cluedo-style game. You are a detective, and you must question five suspects to determine which of them stole the diamond from room 5 and what time it was stolen.
Enter a suspect (1-5) and the hour you are interested in (1-12). To accuse a suspect, enter 0 for the suspect number.
The Devil's Dungeon

Pages 78-91.
C W Engel Unexpanded devils dungeon.prg
Text adventure. Recover as much gold as you can from a bottomless network of caves beneath an occasionally active volcano.
You begin in Room #1 at Depth #1, and move to adjacent rooms by typing the room number. "Slides" are one-way passages that cannot be used to return to the original room. Dropoffs can be used to move to a lower level by typing a negative room number, or you can use your Magic Wand to create a dropoff (with a 40% chance of it backfiring) by typing 99. Typing 99 from room #1 on any level will allow you to leave the dungeon.

With thanks to DLH's Commodore Archive for making this book available in PDF format.

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