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Weird Computer Games (GB)
Jenny Tyler & Chris Oxlade
Usborne Publishing, 1984

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Tower of Terror

Page 3.
Jenny Tyler & Chris Oxlade Unexpanded tower of terror.prg
Your mouth is dry and your legs are shaking as you enter the Tower of Terror. As you move through each room, you encounter ghosts, headless axemen and other horrors. Can you reach the top of the tower before midnight without your pulse reaching 150?
G (go forward), R (retreat).
Skulls of the Pyramid

Page 4-5.
Jenny Tyler & Chris Oxlade Unexpanded skulls pyramid.prg
You have been a mind without a body ever since that terrible accident while building the pyramid. Every day an evil spirit forces a number into your mind. You must roll five skulls down the pyramid, and if you can get the required total then you will free yourself of the curse.
1-4 (select column).
Monster Wrestling

Page 6-7.
Adrian Hall Unexpanded monster wrestle.prg
Mental arithmetic game. Monster wrestling is a sport for lunatics. You are about to take on some of the nastiest monsters in the universe, and in each round you must calculate the muscular effort needed to hold the monster at bay by multiplying the two numbers shown on screen. Can you survive 12 rounds?
Type the correct answer for each calculation. Press P if the numbers look too difficult, but overuse of this will cause a blackout.

Page 8-9.
Jenny Tyler & Chris Oxlade Unexpanded jaws.prg
Maze game. You are Jaws (J), and you must eat as many people (P) as possible while avoiding the hunter (H). Each time you eat a person, you get so excited that the keyboard controls become muddled up.
A (up), Z (down), N (left), M (right).
Flying Witches

Page 10-11.
Jenny Tyler & Chris Oxlade Unexpanded flying witches.prg
As the chief assistant to Superwitch, you must fly across the landscape on your broomstick looking for fresh ingredients for a spell. As each ingredient passes beneath you, swoop down to collect it. Make sure you get the correct quantity of each ingredient before reaching the cauldron.
Any key (swoop down).
Micro Puzzle

Page 12-16.
Les Howarth 8K expansion micro puzzle 8k.prg
Text adventure. You do not know what has happened or where you are. Everything appears normal but you feel a bit sick. You must find out what is going on.
Type two-word commands. Commands include: N, S, W, E, I (inventory), GET, PUT, LEAVE, OPEN, EXAMINE, READ, TIE, CLIMB, POINT, UNLOCK, TYPE, PRESS.

With thanks to Usborne Publishing and DLH's Commodore Archive for making this book available in PDF format.

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