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Write Your Own Adventure Programs (GB) / Costruisci Programmi di Adventure per il Tuo Computer (IT)
Jenny Tyler & Les Howarth
Usborne Publishing, 1983 (GB) / Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, 1985 (IT)

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Haunted House

Pages 33-37.
Jenny Tyler & Les Howarth 16K expansion haunted hse 16k.prg
Text adventure. A weird house stands on the edge of a sheer cliff. People say the richest man in the world spent his final days there, but no one ever saw his body. You must explore the house and find 17 items.
Use two-word commands, e.g. GO NORTH. Type HELP to display a list of all commands.


  1. A modified and expanded version of Haunted House appears to have been published as Haunted Manor (VicTape Computing, issue 8).

With thanks to Usborne Publishing and DLH's Commodore Archive for making this book available in PDF format.
Italian book scanned by Internet Archive.

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