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Write Your Own Fantasy Games (GB) / Il Computer con Fantasia (IT)
Les Howarth & Cheryl Evans
Usborne Publishing, 1984 (GB) / Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, 1985 (IT)

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Dungeon of Doom
(Enhanced version)

Pages 32-46.
Les Howarth & Cheryl Evans 24K expansion dungeon doom 24k.d64
RPG construction kit, create your own RPG fantasy games. Comprises three modules: character creator, dungeon generator, and game module.
Follow on-screen prompts.

With thanks to Usborne Publishing and DLH's Commodore Archive for making this book available in PDF format.
Italian book scanned by Internet Archive.
Thanks also to Orion70 and all the members of the VIC 20 Denial forum for the enhanced version.

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