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Space Adventures for the VIC 20 (CA)
Peter Lear
Hayes Publishing, 1984

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Pages 6-11.
P A Roberts Unexpanded moonshuttle.t64
Lunar Lander game. You must land your ship safely on one of the landing pads but watch your fuel and don't hit any asteroids.

Press any key to launch your ship, then use H (left), J (right), U (up), N (down).
Meteor Shower

Pages 12-17.
Andrew Stanford & Peter Lear 3K expansion meteorshower 3k.prg
Asteroids game. Shoot as many rocks as you can but don't let any of them hit you.

1 (turn left), 2 (turn right), 9 (move right), 0 (fire), Space (hyperspace).

Pages 18-23.
L Braine Unexpanded protector.t64
Defender game with a horizontally-scrolling background. Shoot as many aliens as you can in two minutes.

Alien Attack

Pages 24-34.
Peter Lear 8K expansion alien attack 8k.prg
You are on a crippled space station, and under attack from all sides. Your shields will protect you against three blasts on each side. Use your malfunctioning laser cannon to destroy the attackers.

Joystick or T, Y, U, G, J, B, N, M (fire in that direction).
Red Alert

Pages 36-41.
Simon Parker & Peter Lear Unexpanded red alert.prg
Scramble game. Fly through the cavern shooting jets and bombing tanks.

P (left), * (right), @ (up), ; (down), Shift (drop bomb), A (fire missile).

Pages 42-47.
Alex Kiernan & Peter Lear Unexpanded invasion.prg
Space Invaders game. Shoot the aliens with your base, which has a rotating turret.

Z (left), X (right), , (rotate left), . (rotate right), Space (fire).


  1. A slightly different version of Moonshuttle (p. 6-11) was published in Computer & Video Games (82-07).
  2. A slightly different version of Meteor Shower (p. 12-17) was published as Rocks (Computer & Video Games, 82-08).
  3. A slightly different version of Protector (p. 18-23) was published in Computer & Video Games (83-06).
  4. A slightly different version of Red Alert (p. 36-41) was published in Computer & Video Games (83-02).
  5. A slightly different version of Invasion (p. 42-47) was published as Alpha Attack (Computer & Video Games, 83-02).

With thanks to DLH's Commodore Archive for making this book available in PDF format.

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