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Volcanic Games For Your VIC 20 (GB) / Cosmic Games for the Commodore VIC 20 (US)
Hal Renko & Sam Edwards
Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1983

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Galactic Monsters

Pages 1-5.
? Unexpanded galactic monst.prg
Avoid the Galactic monsters as you try to make it to safety at the bottom of the screen.
W (up), X (down), A (left), D (right).
Zombies in the Swamp

Pages 6-9.
? Unexpanded zombies swamp.prg
Cross a zombie-infested swamp to reach the top-left corner. To move you must throw rafts and then walk across them. Beware, the zombies will run along your rafts to try to catch you.
Press T to throw a raft followed by the direction (N,S,W,E), or M to move followed by the direction (N,S,W,E).
Keyboard Memory

Pages 10-12.
? Unexpanded keyboard memory.prg
Concentration-style game. Each of the displayed letters has a number hidden underneath. Press two and if the numbers match then they are removed.
Q-Y, A-H, Z-N (reveal hidden number).
Las Vegas a Go Go

Pages 13-19.
? 8K expansion las vegas 8k.prg
Fruit machine game.
I (insert money), P (spin wheels) H (hold, followed by 1, 2 & 3), G (gamble), C (collect winnings), E (end game).

Pages 20-21.
? Unexpanded parrot.prg
Reaction time game. The computer displays a letter and you must press the same key as quickly as possible, copying it like a parrot.
A-Z (type the displayed letter).
Kentucky Derby

Pages 22-25.
? Unexpanded kentucky derby.prg
Horse racing game. See how much money you can win by betting on the horses.
Follow on-screen prompts.
Rainbow Square Dance

Pages 26-28.
? Unexpanded rainbow square.prg
Puzzle game. Rearrange the coloured squares to put them back into five horizontal stripes of one colour each.
1-5 (move squares horizontally), 6-0 (move squares vertically).
Qui Vive

Pages 29-37.
? 16K expansion qui vive 16k.prg
Board game played against the computer. Each player takes it in turns to place their five checkers on the board, then you move checkers to try to get a winning position. The winning patterns are a horizontal line (-), a vertical line (|), a diagonal line (/), a rectangular cross (+), a skew cross (x), a vertical wing (>), and a horizontal wing (v).
Type the location for each move in the format XY (a letter followed by a number).

Pages 38-39.
? Unexpanded stm.prg
Simon-style memory game. The computer briefly flashes a series of letters or numbers onto the screen. You must remember and repeat them. After each correct answer the letter series gets longer.
Type your answer.
One To Five

Pages 40-42.
? Unexpanded one to five.prg
Puzzle game from the Casio calculators. A grid is displayed containing a random pattern of digits between 0 and 5. For each move, you select a position and all the digits in a horizontal and vertical line through that location are increased by 1. To win, you must set all of the digits to 0.
Q-E, A-D, Z-C (position of next move).

Pages 43-47.
? 8K expansion escher 8k.prg
Graphics utility that produces M.C. Escher-style repeating patterns.
Enter the size of your basic square (e.g. enter 2 for a 2x2 grid), fill in the grid row-by-row using graphics symbols (examine lines 3000-3200 to see which characters you can use), and finally enter the direction in which you want the squares displayed.
Genius at Work

Pages 48-51.
? Unexpanded genius at work.prg
Mental arithmetic game. You are given a target number together with seven small numbers. Your task is to combine those numbers using a series of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums to reach the target number.
Type each sum, e.g. if you've got the numbers 8 and 100 and you want to replace these with the number 800 then you would enter '100*8' and press Return. When the message 'Do you want to keep it this way?' appears, type 'N' to enter another sum or 'Y' if you have finished.
Shark Hunt

Pages 52-56.
? Unexpanded shark hunt.prg
You are adrift in your boat when you spot a shark. Can you use your echo-sounder to get close enough to fire a shot?
Cursor keys (move up, down, left, right), Space (fire).
Shakespearian Shuffle

Pages 57-60.
? Unexpanded shakespearian.prg
Boss puzzle game with an unusual control method. The squares in an 8x8 grid are filled with the letters from a Shakespearian quote. When asked to enter the level, type the number of moves you want the computer to make to shuffle the board. You must then put the tiles back in their original order, but you can only move in the way that a knight would move on a chess board.
1-8 (location of next move).

Pages 61-65.
? Unexpanded explosion.prg
Board game played against the computer. Players take it in turns to place a checker on the board. Each square has a capacity equal to the number of squares adjoining it, so corner squares have a capacity of 2 checkers, edge squares 3 checkers, and middle squares 4 checkers. When the number of checkers on a square reaches its capacity, the square will explode pushing a checker onto each adjoining square. The winner is the first player to trigger an eternal explosion that takes over the whole board.
Type the location of your next move in the format X,Y (two numbers separated by a comma).
New York, New York

Pages 66-70.
? 3K expansion new york 3k.prg
Strategy game. You control all the traffic lights in New York city. Can you keep the traffic moving while preventing collisions from taking place?
Press the key beside each traffic light to toggle it between red & green.

Pages 71-74.
? Unexpanded key.prg
Logic puzzle. You must find a key that is hidden in three rows of binary digits. Each time you shift one of these rows (moving the digits to the left), the sum at the bottom changes. The sum tells you the difference between the total for the three digits in that column, and the total for the three digits in the key. Can you find the key?
Type which row to shift (1-3) and the number of steps that you want to move (1-19).
Black Box

Pages 75-78.
? 3K expansion black box 3k.prg
Logic puzzle. You must use a laser beam to find the location of five atoms inside a vast 8x8x8 black box. If the laser beam strikes an atom then it will be sent off course in one of three ways: Directly hitting an atom will reflect the beam straight back at you, hitting a square adjacent to an atom will reflect it through a right angle, and hitting a square diagonally adjacent to an atom will send it off at a diagonal. Can you work out the location of the atoms?
Enter the X, Y and Z coordinates for each shot, then press 'S' to fire another shot or 'G' to guess the coordinates of an atom.
Treasure Hunt

Pages 79-82.
? Unexpanded treasure hunt.prg
You are an explorer (@) and must collect as much treasure as possible while trying to reach the exit in the top-right corner of the screen. Occasionally you will be attacked by a bird that suddenly flies towards you from the right-hand side of the screen, leaving you paralysed with fear.
O (up), . (down), K (left), : (right), Space (ward off bird attack).
I.T. - The Adventure of the Century

Pages 83-92.
? 16K expansion it 16k.prg
Text adventure. A mad scientist is going to destroy the Earth with a nullity bomb. You must go underground to find and disarm the bomb.
Enter one-word commands and follow the on-screen prompts. Commands are: N, S, W, E, U, D, Kill, Help (list available commands), Take, Drop, Inventory, Bandage, Lantern, Read.
The Wolf and the Five Little Goats

Pages 93-97.
? Unexpanded wolf five goats.prg
Board game. You control the wolf (WW) and can move both horizontally and vertically during each turn but you cannot jump over goats. To eat a goat your final move must land on it. The computer controls the goats, which can only move either horizontally or vertically by the number of positions shown on the goat (e.g. G3 means it can only move by three positions). Goats can jump over you, and will eat you if they land on your square. Can you eat three goats to win?
Cursor keys (move up, down, left and right).
Road Race

Pages 98-102.
? 8K expansion
Before loading type: POKE44,34:POKE34*256,0:NEW
roadrace 8k.prg
Top-down car race for 1 or 2 players. Enter the number of players & number of laps, then off you go.
Player 1: W (up), Z (down), A (left), S (right).
Player 2: @ (up), / (down), : (left), ; (right).
For a one player game you can optionally use the joystick.
At the Market

Pages 103-104.
? Unexpanded at the market.prg
Mental arithmetic game. Practice your addition skills by answering a series of increasingly difficult sums.
Type the answer and press Return.

Pages 105-108.
? Unexpanded fallout.prg
Strategy game. Move the horizontal bars left or right so that the checkers fall through the gaps. Try to get all eight checkers out through the bottom of the screen in the fewest moves.
Type your move in the format BDS, where B is the horizontal bar to move (1-8), D is the direction (L/R) and S is the number is steps (1-15). For example, entering 1R1 will move the top bar one position to the right.
Ship's Attack

Pages 109-111.
? Unexpanded ships attack.prg
Move your ship to dodge the incoming flying saucers.
Crsr-Left (move left), Crsr-Right (move right).
Mini Mancala

Pages 112-116.
? Unexpanded mini-mancala.prg
Traditional Arabian game. You & the computer take it in turns to remove all the counters from one of your cups and distribute them counterclockwise into the other cups. To win you must get all eight stones into one of your cups.
Type which cup to move stones from (C or D).
Stop It!

Pages 117-118.
? Unexpanded stop it.prg
Reaction time game. A letter slides across the screen from left to right, can you make it stop in the region baring the same letter?
Space (stop letter).

Pages 119-122.
? Unexpanded baba.prg
Puzzle game. A 4x4 grid is randomly filled with the letters A and B. For each move you enter a row and column, and all the letters in that row/column will be toggled from A to B and vice versa. Can you get every line on the grid to read ABBA?
Type the row (1-4) and column (1-4) for each move.
Vowels and Consonants

Pages 123-125.
? Unexpanded vowels.prg
Educational game for one or more players. You are given seven letters, choosing whether you'd like each one to be a vowel or a consonant. Your challenge is to make the longest word possible, using each letter only once.
When selecting your letters, press V for vowel or C for consonant. Then enter your word.

Pages 126-131.
? Unexpanded moonphase astro.prg
Calculate the phase of the moon for any given date.
Follow on-screen prompts.


  1. The British version of this book was titled Volcanic Games For Your VIC 20 and the American version was titled Cosmic Games for the Commodore VIC 20; the listings are identical in both. There was also a German version called Explosive Spiele für Ihren VC20 where the program listings were translated into German.
  2. Hal Renko & Sam Edwards are believed to be pseudonyms for Kasper Boon & Alex Pelsmaeker.
  3. The programs were written by H. Hermens, P. de Vries, S. Stapel, H. Riesebos, A. Rensink, M. Sijbenga, E. Groenhuis, W. Koolhoven, R. Bosch, A. Pelsmaeker, K. Boon, and B. Hoogstraten. Unfortunately it does not say who wrote which program.
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